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3 Reasons to Read The Rose Craft's New Blog

3 Reasons to Read The Rose Craft's New Blog

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Welcome to The Rose Craft Pages!

Merry Meet, witches, crystal lovers, and pagans!

Now that we are well into the first few months of being open, we wanted to bring you some fresh new content. A blog of witchy proportions!

The Rose Craft Pages are now here to bring you content to not only help your shopping experience here in our online shop, but also in your everyday practices. We are excited to start working on this addition to our business to allow you to get to know us a bit more and to share bits of our knowledge with you, our customers and readers.


Our Story So Far

The Rose Craft is owned and operated by Cassie and myself, Danielle.

Pictured are Cassie and Danielle, owners of The Rose Craft

We are both Indiana natives and while we both began our spiritual journeys independently, we soon found ourselves coming together at a local metaphysical shop. Initially, while I was still just a customer enjoying my shopping experience, I saw something of a kindred spirit in meeting Cassie while she worked there and helped when I needed it.

Later, when I began to work there as well, we both found ourselves exploring that kinship more, eventually leading to me starting a small coven group with my friends and Cassie. After a little while, Cassie and I realized we both shared a similar goal - to own our own witchy business.

Though the progress of jumping on board with the endeavor was slightly slow, the Pandemic brought things to a head and reevaluations of our goals led us to moving forward with our dream together. Our previous experiences in retail, specifically the metaphysical retail environment, planning, and our own personal witchcraft journeys, gave us a chance to explore and make this dream a reality on Samhain 2020.

Check out more at our Shopkeeps page.

Our Experience

As 30-something year old witches we have over 10 years combined experience in the metaphysical retail business and over 25 years combined experience in our personal witchcraft and pagan journeys to be able to bring you the curated ritual supplies, crystals, and knowledge we have to share with you.

As a college adjunct instructor for the past eight years, I enjoy sharing and teaching new information to others. Cassie as well has great fondness for teaching and mentoring others in tarot and other divination methods, having taught card reading workshops for a few years now.

We both enjoy teaching and sharing what we know or helping others do the research themselves to become their own authorities on the subjects that interest them. And that is a part of what we want to provide here in the pages of this blog.

Our Shop

For those of you unfamiliar, our shop sells crystals, books, tarot decks, and various other ritual supplies including herbs, altar supplies, and bath and body products.

Image contains five books on witchcraft

We even have a couple of collaboration wholesale collections in our shop from a few local artisans. Our goal is to showcase as many local artisans and crafters as we can as we continue to grow our business.

Our current collections are the Coven Collection Mugs from the talented Jennifer Meeker of Jennifer Meeker Art and the Enchanted Botanicals Collection from the amazing Deb Shaffer of Enchanted Botanicals.

Image of Enchanted Botanicals Triple Goddess Bath Salts setImage shows a cauldron-styled ceramic mug with a pentacle, held by the artisan



Because The Rose Craft is currently an online retail shop, we do not have the same sort of interactions we once did when working in a brick and mortar shop. And while that is an eventual goal of ours, we want to be able to engage in our customer base in multiple ways until then. Some of that is through our social media accounts, but this blog is another means to create a continuing conversation with you.

Our Facebook Page

Our Instagram Page


We both spent a good deal of time as retail sales associates at our former place of employment educating people on how to use the products we sold or how to pick out crystals and use them. It was sometimes the most fulfilling part of our job to be able to help someone realize how to pick crystals out for themselves by following their intuition.

However, it often gets assumed online that people already know how to pick out crystals or know what crystals are good for what or at least know how to look it up. But that isn’t always true and many of those things can’t always be explained in enough in handy little infographics on social media, so why not through a blog.


On the more business side of things, we also aim to share promotions for various products we sell, or plan on selling. Business can often be an experiment to see what products you, our readers and customers, are most interested in. If we find you are just as excited about a new product as we are, we work harder to meet those demands. But if you aren’t as into something as we had hopped, we’ll shift focuses to provide you with the best ritual tools and educational materials we can.


Now, what kind of content can you expect from us here on The Rose Craft Pages in the future?

Some posts in the coming weeks will be meant to serve as educational how-to posts with links to materials you can find in our shop or other outside educational resources.

Other posts will serve as reviews of books and decks we sell in our shop as our goal is to ensure you have some of the finest collection of reading material on your path.

And finally, some of our posts will dedicate to serving as teasers and promotional material for new products, events, and sales.

We have a few ideas for the near future for what some of these may end up being, so keep your eyes peeled.


While we have covered who we are, why we are starting this blog and what content we plan on including, we haven’t really covered the how often part.

Essentially, when can you expect us to bring you this content? Consistency is key, is it not?

Right now, you can expect to find a new post once a week and at this time it will likely be on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. These will usually be regarding any educational sort of information or book reviews. Promotional and Teaser posts will likely be posted whenever we have new content to promote or tease to you. So during those weeks you may find we’ll have posted two blogs.

Blogging can be an experiment and we may find over time that you want to see more content more frequently. Or maybe the day we post isn’t getting the engagement from you as we’d hoped. In other words, as things progress, we may change this schedule to ensure we are bringing high quality content at the right time.

Thank You, Dear Reader

And finally.

None of this would be possible without you, as our customer and reader. Whether you came here to support a family member or friend’s new business or came here because you love crystals or maybe even because you are a witch and/or pagan and needed some ritual supplies, we want to thank you so much for your support.

Thank You!

We also want you to get involved as much as you can or would like. We strongly urge you to subscribe, comment, follow us on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram (if you don’t already), and share our content. Get involved in the conversation and let us know what you want to see. Whether it is information, crystals, ritual supplies, books or tarot, reach out to us, we want your feedback.

Our Facebook Page

Our Instagram Page

Email us at:

And most importantly, support other small businesses, online and locally-owned and operated. And support your local artisans and creators.

Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!

Danielle & Cassie

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