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5 Crystals for Travel

5 Crystals for Travel

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

Whether a seasoned traveler or you are taking your first big trip, carrying a few tumbled crystals along with you may help ease the anxieties you may experience along your journey. Crystals make excellent touchstones and protective talismans that can be easily carried with you in your pocket or wallet. This list includes some of the best ones that you may want to take with you on your next trip!


Moonstone is one of the first crystals that come to mind for travel because it was once known as the “traveler’s stone” and was believed to be particularly beneficial for overseas travels. It can protect against some of the perils and hazards of travel while also providing good luck.

This crystal is found readily in jewelry these days, so if you don’t want to carry a piece in your pocket, try a piece of jewelry like earrings or a bracelet.

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Another good travel crystal is malachite with its protective abilities. It can not only create an energetic shield for your energy field, but it is also believed to be particularly beneficial for those flying as it can dispel the feeling of vertigo. It can also enhance your willpower and bring transformation if you are looking for your trip to be a particularly transformative experience.

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A stone of magic and psychic abilities, labradorite may seem like an odd one to include in a mix for travel stones. However, it is just as much of a stone of adventure in the physical world as it is in the metaphysical. Labradorite can help with increasing your awareness, keeping you mindful of where you are at so you can truly experience the places you are traveling to.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is both protective and grounding. It can be extremely beneficial when landing again after a flight or some time at sea to help get your “land legs” back and get your more fully grounded. Plus, it transmutes harmful energies around you into beneficial energy to help protect your energy and keep you from absorbing what you don’t need.

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A powerful protective crystal, amethyst makes another great crystal to carry with you on your next trip. Found very often in jewelry, it is easy to incorporate into your accessories without carrying around a bag of rocks on your trip. It is great for spiritual protection and purification as well as just being an overall energetic shield for you. It can also be helpful if sleeping is difficult during your trips. Keep near you when you go to sleep to help you get plenty of rest.

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Other Crystals

Some other crystals to consider carrying with you on your travels are jasper, tiger eye, black tourmaline, obsidian, and aquamarine. All of these, among the ones listed above, are in a pouch I carry when I travel. I prefer small tumbled stones to avoid anything too weighty but wearing them as jewelry is also a great way to keep a handy crystal talisman for protection near you at all times on your journeys.

Final Thoughts

Small tumbled crystals or jewelry can make great additions to your packing list for your next trip. Some can help ease your anxiety or help protect your energy. Gather a small bag of some of your favorites from the list above or others that call to you, and see how your next adventure goes!

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