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5 Energy Healing Techniques

5 Energy Healing Techniques

Healing for Witches and Non-Witches

Healing techniques have been around for ages. They change and evolve over time. You can find many healing techniques out there to try and incorporate into your practice for your own healing and that of your friends, family, and/or clients.

The following are a few energy healing techniques that work well for witches and non-witches alike. If you are called to one of them, feel free to study and explore more about them. Some require training while others are much more intuitive and simply require intention and practice.

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1. Reiki

As a Reiki practitioner, I am fairly familiar and comfortable with this style of healing. Reiki is a hands-on-healing technique that involves light, non-manipulative touch or hands held a few inches above the body at specific positions. It does require training and what is called attunements to be able to channel the energy, but once you are attuned, you are attuned for life.

There are many styles of Reiki these days but all stem from Dr. Mikao Usui and involve at least one level of training and attunement process to be able to heal as a Reiki practitioner. Traditional Reiki styles, like Usui Shiki Ryoho, have three or four levels that grant different skills. Level 1 attunes you to being able to channel Reiki (universal life energy) and you learn the basics of hand positions. Level 2 attunes and teaches you the symbols of Reiki healing that allow you to send Reiki at a distance. Levels 3A (and 3B in some traditions) give you the final Reiki symbols and teach you how to attune and train others in Reiki.

One of the key aspects of Reiki, and why I love it as a healing method, is that it is completely safe. Some healing techniques involve an exchange of energy. Reiki does not. It flows in one direction through you and your hands into the person you are facilitating for. Reiki also goes where the energy is needed. Even if you are working on someone’s head and the person needs it in their back, the energy will flow to the location, whether you are aware of it or not. And because it doesn’t use your personal energy for healing, you are never depleted or exhausted at the end of a session. In fact, you receive healing as well since the energy is flowing through you.

Reiki can be practiced by anyone regardless of spiritual or religious affiliations. You can be Pagan or Christian or Buddhist or even agnostic and practice Reiki. It only requires belief in Reiki to work.

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2. Crystal Healing

Crystals are very healing which is why many people are innately drawn to them. Just having a crystal on your person can facilitate healing on a subtle level, but when actively working with crystals to heal, in the form of grids or laying on of crystals, you can increase their healing effects.

There are several ways to use crystals for healing. One is through the use of crystal grids. Another is by laying on of crystals. There are further ways you can heal with crystals but these are the two I am most familiar with.

Crystal grids are perhaps more accessible of these two crystal healing methods. With a grid, you usually use a symbol of sacred geometry, like Metatron’s Cube or the Flower of Life, to lay crystals in a pattern with your intention in mind. This can be excellent for distance healing sessions or long term healing work. You can place the image of the person you are working healing for under the grid as a focus and the healing will continue with the crystals until the person is healed. There are several books that discuss specific layouts for healing with a grid, but I generally like to go intuitively.

For laying on of crystals, though, you may consider some training or certification to learn all the ins and outs. With this crystal technique you usually have the person you are healing laying down while you place the crystals in a gridlike fashion on and around their body. This can be done in conjunction with other forms of energy healing too, but after some time, crystals are removed and the session finishes.

3. Energy Spellwork

Energy spellwork is any form of healing done as more of ritual or spell. This can involve visualizing the healing or burning a candle or something that is more ritualized and involves multiple steps and tools and ingredients.

I generally like to keep things simple so a candle with healing herbs coating it and a sigil perhaps carved into it with my intention to heal is what I like to do. There are often spells for many different types of healing in most books on witchcraft today so you can find the spell the suits the healing you are looking for.

4. Healing Petitions

This is probably the most “hands-off” approach of healing techniques and just involves prayer and petitions to the Universe or specific spirits. These can be your spirits or the spirits of the person you are petitioning on behalf of. These spirits can be spirit guides, ancestors, the Fae, angels, or deities.

To perform a healing petition, simply say some words invoking the spirits of your choice or the Universe and ask for healing for yourself or others. You can be as specific as you need to be. Perhaps asking for surgery to go well or recovery to go quickly. This puts the healing in the hands of the universe, but can give some peace of mind if you are unable to do any other form of healing work.

It is helpful with petitions to spirits to leave an offering though. Figure out what is appropriate and leave one each time you petition them.

To make the petition more concrete, you can always write your petition out on paper and then burn it as part of your prayer.

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5. Holistic Energy Healing

This is more of a catchall for most other energy healing work that doesn’t fall into any of the other categories. There are many modalities that fit into this category with some relying on intuitive healing and others involving intense study and certification processes.

Holistic energy healing can involve anything from native healing techniques to chakra balancing to more intensive and focused healing work on specific ailments. For some this involves an exchange of energy that can deplete the healing facilitator. There can be a hands-on approach to this healing or it can be done psychically without any touch involved.

Many types of holistic healing are intuitive but others do require a good degree of understanding of energy systems to perform. There are probably just as many types of holistic healing methods as there are healing facilitators.

Healing Facilitator vs Healer

One thing you may have noticed in the above sections is that I say healing facilitator or facilitating healing for the person. This is primarily because of the way I learned to do healing work. It is my belief as an energy healer, you are not the one healing someone else. Rather you are facilitating their ability to heal themselves. Others may disagree on this though.

Healing Ethics

Here are a few reminders to the ethical aspects of healing. This is not a comprehensive list and you may find that if you train in a specific healing modality they will discuss more specifics of healing ethics.


It is a common teaching that you should always ask for explicit permission for healing work. If it is a face-to-face hands-on healing session, then this is usually already taken care of. But distance healing techniques like spellwork or petitions should still involve asking for permission from the person.

What does permission then look like?

If someone comes to you for a healing session to pay your for your time in facilitating their healing experience, then that is permission.

If someone asks for prayers and healing thoughts, I generally take that as permission to send healing in some way.

If you ask them if you can work healing for them and they say yes, then you can work healing for them.

If they person cannot say yes or no verbally or in written form because of lack of lucidity or consciousness, then ask that person's loved one.

Or you can ask the person's spirit or higher self for permission in a meditation. You will generally get a clear yes or no and if it isn't, then take that as a no. I often send healing this way via the person's guides or angels to deliver the healing at the appropriate time for the individual in question.


Now this is more for if you decide to start offering healing on a regular basis as a service rather than just to friends or family. Don’t be afraid to ask for monetary or other form of compensation for your time and effort going into healing, especially if you have gone through and spent money on training to be a healing facilitator. Be reasonable in your pricing, though, as healing work should be affordable for those who need it and want it.

Medical Diagnosing

One important and key thing to remember about healing work is that unless you are a medical professional and in a medical practice, you should not diagnose anyone. Energy healing may help with healing the energetic and emotional root causes of dis-ease and other medical ailments, but it is not your place to diagnose or claim you cured their issues.

If you get an intuitive feeling that something may be related to a physical or mental health ailment, then recommend they talk to their medical healthcare provider about what you saw but don’t diagnose them. This can be as simple as, have you checked with your healthcare provider about this pain I see in this area of your body?

Not a Substitution

Energy healing work should never replace professional medical and psychological treatments. Never (unless you are that person’s healthcare provider) recommend that a person you are doing healing for should go off of their medications or stop treatment because you healed them. Energy healing should work in conjunction with professional healthcare but not replace it. It is not a substitute.

This may be a controversial opinion coming from someone who practices energy healing and is a witch, but energy work can only do so much. It cannot set a broken bone for example. You can also do more harm than good by telling someone they are healed and don’t need to take their depression medication anymore.

I do believe that energy healing can complement professional medical and psychiatric healthcare. Many healing techniques work on delving into the metaphysical and energetic root causes of our physical conditions and this can help make medical and psychiatric healthcare work more effectively. It can also help with pain management and mindset shifting and even relaxation.

Final Thoughts

Overall, energy healing can be extremely beneficial and uplifting for the facilitator and the receiver. If you feel called to healing work, there are many modalities to choose from and study. Some require more training while others are more intuitive and open to anyone practicing.

And while I may have dropped a few controversial opinions on energy healing there, I do believe it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling being an energy healing facilitator.

Do you practice any healing techniques? If so, what is your favorite method?



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