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5 Magical Tips for Your Pets

5 Magical Tips for Your Pets

Witchcraft to Aid Your Pets

Many witches love animals and their beloved pets. Sometimes we just need a bit of magic to make things just a bit easier for ourselves and our pets, so here are some ideas to help make your relationship with your pet magical.

Sigil Enchantment

One way to work magic for your pets is by creating sigils to place on their toys, collars, leashes, etc. Sigils are symbols created and charged with the intention you are aiming toward. For pets, you might focus on intentions like “my dog heels on walks” or “my cat does not scratch the furniture.” Create it in the method that works best for you and then draw on an item of your choice with permanent marker or even try embroidering it on. This will give the item the enchantment.

Some sigil intentions to try (replace my dog or my cat with the name of your pet):

  • My dog heels on walks
  • My cat does not scratch the furniture
  • My dog only chews this toy
  • My pet sleeps through the night
  • My pet isn’t afraid of storms
  • My pet is always protected

Deity Petitions

Another way to work some magic for your pets is to petition a deity for help in certain areas. Maybe you need help with your pet’s health, you can call upon deities you work with or those that work specifically with that type of animal to help them recover. Or maybe you want to petition for general protection or training help. Say a prayer daily to the deity of choice until your petition is met or you feel the need to transition away from daily petitions.

Deities (and spirits)  that may work for prayer petitions for your pets:

  • Bast for cats
  • Anubis for dogs
  • Hecate for hounds
  • Freya for cats
  • Rhiannon or Epona for horses
  • Odin, Zeus, Re, Heru-er, Morrigan, Djheuty for birds
  • St. Francis for pets in general

Look up animals sacred to different deities and you may be able to find a deity to pray to more specifically for your specific pet.

Wearable Magic

Whether as a collar or charm or clothing, you can also create a little magic for your pets on the items they wear. Select the color of their collar based on the magic qualities you want to bring forth for them and then enchant it with the intention. Create a charm with protective crystals or symbols to attach to their collar to keep them safe. Make or enchant their clothing (whether just a simple bandana or sweater) with warmth and comfort in different strange situations.

Any item a pet can wear can be enchanted or spelled with your intention for them.

Enchanted Toys

Similar to their clothing or collars above, you can enchant their toys in a similar way. Intentions like “soothing” for chew toys (whether for anxiety or teething) and “release excess energy” for balls and chasing toys. Or even “scratch here” for scratching posts for cats.

While not toys, consider enchanting grooming tools as well to help encourage your pets to stay calm or stay clean longer or finish shedding.

Calming Magic

Finally, trying some calming spells in general can be very helpful for your pets. Some pets with separation anxiety or that are afraid of storms could use a little extra magical help from their pet parents. Pair this sort of magic with practical steps as well, like thunder vests or lick pads.

Create a calming relaxing space for your pet. Pick blankets that are comfy and bedding that is soft. Gather other items that are of comfort for your pet. Then start raising energy with the focus to maintain a calming space. You can be more specific in your intention for it to be during certain situations.

When your pet is anxious or nervous, you can focus your energy to calm them by petting or touching them with the intention to settle them down.

Final Thoughts

Pets are our companions and as witches, we want to do anything for them. There are many other ways to work magic for your pets. Always check with your vet for any health related issues your pet may be having. Your magic can always help enhance and supplement your pet's needs.

What is your favorite way to work magic for your pet?

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