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5 Ways to Use Crystals

5 Ways to Use Crystals

How to Bring Their Power Into Your Everyday Life

Previously, we have given guides on How to Choose Crystals and How to Cleanse them. But what is next? How do you begin to use crystals once you have bought and cleansed your first one? You may have had a crystal for years because it was pretty but have never quite figured out how to utilize it in your practice.

Today’s guide will discuss five main ways to use crystals in your daily life and bring their energy and power more effectively into your home, space, and energy to help manifest your goals more effectively.

 Title card with crystals in the backgroud saying: "the rose craft pages presents... 5 Ways to Use Crystals: how to bring their power into your everyday life."
Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal healing is not a substitute for professional medical and psychological advice and care.

1. Meditation Focus

One of my favorite ways of working with crystals is in meditation. For one, it allows me to connect to the crystal’s energy in a more direct way. For another, it can enhance my meditation and journeying experiences.

I recommend taking time with your crystals in meditation before you use them in any particular way. This allows you to feel the energy more clearly and be able to discern what sort of purpose the crystal will be useful for you in your life.

For example, Amethyst is often used for developing one’s spiritual path or psychic abilities. It can also provide psychic protection. And it is also believed to be a stone for sobriety and stopping bad habits. Meditating with an individual piece of Amethyst can discern what way it is best used for.

Meditation with crystals also helps create that connection between you and the stone to essentially activate and welcome its energy into your life. In other words, it lets you and the crystal establish that you are ready to work together.

Crystals can enhance meditation and take us deeper into them than we initially may have thought possible. Meditating with certain crystals aids me in different types of meditations. Self-care and self-love meditations will usually involve a Rose Quartz for me. But deep meditations to get the root of certain issues and connect with Mother Goddess energies brings me to use Black Moonstone instead.

  • Practice meditating with a crystal by holding it between both your hands, if comfortable. If I can’t hold it in both hands, I will hold it in my left palm since it is my receiving side.
  • Take a few deep breaths and then bring your attention to the crystal. While setting aside other thoughts, focus on the crystal in your hands. Take a moment to simply feel its energy in the way that you do, whether that is through intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or even clairsentience. Feel it and sense what its energy is bringing you.
  • You may find yourself traveling within the crystal to its inner energy core or it will lead you to a place to work out an issue in your life. Or you may simply feel an inner peace come over your or a new sort of energy and motivation to get things done.
  • Take note of any impressions you get from the crystal and then thank it and ask it to continue to work with you on your journey.
  • When done, return to a normal state of consciousness. Write down anything that came to you.
  • If you find the crystal is meant to be carried around daily, begin to do so. If you find that it wants to sit at your altar and be used specifically in certain forms of meditation, leave it there.

Some crystals you may find will be good for a daily meditation piece for focus. Others for specific and occasional meditations. Even others will be better to use in other ways like what is mentioned further on.

crystal in a hand
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

2. Wearing or Carrying Daily

Some crystals, often in the form of jewelry, are meant to be worn or carried on a daily basis. You may find yourself drawn to a particular piece of jewelry with a certain crystal or stone that just resonates with you. Or you may find that some of your small tumbled stones are great to carry in your pocket or bra when you go out.

Carrying around crystals or wearing them in jewelry is an excellent way to work with crystal energy on a daily basis. Working with crystals in this way helps keep it within your energy field so that is constantly having an affect on you. Even if you don’t notice the way it affects you, does not mean others may not notice subtle differences in the way you react to the world around you.

Stones for protection are great to wear daily if you find yourself overwhelmed by the energy of your environment or the people around you. Communication crystals are great for wearing close to the throat to open your ability to speak clearly and effectively. Whatever intention you are trying to bring into your life, you can wear it as a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings on a daily basis.

If jewelry isn’t your thing or if the cost is above your budget, simple tumbled stones can be placed in small drawstring organza or velvet bags to carry in your pocket. You can carry them loose in your pocket or bra as well, just don’t forget them when you change at the end of the day.

Experiment with carrying around different crystals with you. Take note of how you felt during the day. Carry different crystals in different combinations to note which ones enhance your energy and intention in the way you are looking for. You may find that you notice a difference when you aren’t carrying certain stones with you and realize you need to keep them more close to you.

Large amethyst geode display

Photo by Sophie Louisnard on Unsplash

3. General Decor

Sometimes you like a crystal just because it looks pretty. And that is perfectly okay. You may find that setting crystals in your home or office is a good way to enjoy their look and presence without necessarily putting all that effort into working with it on a more active basis.

The best crystals for decor that will fill your space with energy are usually crystals that are clusters as they generate a lot of energy, but towers, pyramids, and spheres are also great decor pieces. Some people even love having large cathedral style geodes in their home to enjoy. Any piece you feel you wish to display can be used as decor.

Crystals can also be placed as decor pieces on your altar as well. For me, it helps serve as a reminder of that crystals energy as it fills my space and protects my altar without me having to actively sit and use it. It can also be seen as an offering to the spirits you work with.

4. Crystal Grids

As a more advanced way of working with crystals, you can try crystal grids. The idea behind making a crystal grid is to combine the power of crystals with the power of sacred geometry. The idea is that you place a number of crystals in a layout or pattern to bring about a specific intention.

Crystal grid making can become an expensive practice. You generally have to buy multiple tumbled, raw, or small points of each crystal you are intending to use in your grid. You sometimes need to buy grid mats or boards to place your crystals in the specific sacred geometry pattern that matches your intent. Some classes you might find out there will tell you that you need to buy so many of this stone and that one that are fairly obscure and hard to come by and thus even more expensive in the quantities necessary.

However, it doesn’t have to be. For a number of years I simply worked intuitively with making crystal grids in my space. I use a tray of sand from a Zen Garden set and place various tumbled, raw, shaped and polished crystals in different patterns that call to me. Spiral designs were often a favorite, but so were sunbursts and circles.

For me, this method of placing crystals was meant to show off the tiny tumbled stones I had and let their energy permeate my space in a way that flowed effectively. At times I could feel the crystals stagnate and knew it was time to change the pattern, dusting off the stones and gently blowing away the dust that accumulated in the sand as well.

You can get into crystal grids fairly easily today. There are several books now on the market that are excellent places to begin. I always encourage that you should use any patterns and pre-created grids as inspiration and make changes intuitively that fit your purposes.

  • If you do have a number of crystals that you would like to place in a pattern in your space, cleanse them before beginning.
  • Clear your space and select a location that will be undisturbed by children or pets but still within visual range of you to visit.
  • You can print out a symbol of sacred geometry to follow or purchase a grid. Or you can just intuitively place the stones in a pattern that suits you.
  • Decide your purpose and focus on it.
  • Begin places crystals in the pattern, generally starting from the certain and working outwards. Intuitively place your crystals where they feel they wish to be.
  • You may feel their energies stretching out and connecting to each other as you go on continuing to place stones.
  • Make any adjustments as necessary when finished.
  • Activate the grid by tracing the flow of the pattern with a clear quartz point or your dominant hand index finger. More complex patterns will require more tracing.
  • Feel the energy of the crystals and the grid activate when done.
  • Visit frequently to absorb the energy and focus on your intention.
  • Dust and keep it clean until you feel it has done its job and wishes to be taken down.

crystals sitting in a random pattern on a table

Photo by Gabby Conde on Unsplash

5. Crystal Healing

And finally, crystal healing! I mean, all crystal work essentially comes down to healing work, however, here I am talking about more of the laying on of crystals sort of healing. This is another sort of advanced technique in the respect that it does take some amount of study and understanding of crystals and energy work as a whole before delving into.

The idea behind laying on of crystals, is that as a client might lay on a massage table or the floor, a practitioner places crystals on specific parts of the body or around the client in a grid-like fashion, to bring the client’s energy in better alignment for healing. So again, it takes some knowledge of the body’s energy systems and which crystals are good for what ailments.

I would strongly encourage taking some time with learning about the various subtle energies of the body and spending a good deal of time working with crystals before attempting crystal healing in this manner.

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