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Back to School Witchcraft

Back to School Witchcraft

Magick for Returning to School

Whether you are a teacher or student, sometimes a little magic can really help get the mojo going again when the school season starts up again. Maybe you need a little help with focus when studying. Or maybe you need an aid in keeping your classroom calm. Others might need help reestablishing routine after the summer break. Whatever your back to school magical needs are, here are some ideas to try year-round for your studying and teaching needs.

Study or Grading Spell Bags

One of the first things I ever created for my own teaching needs was a little magic bag for grading motivation. I designed a sigil for motivation to grade and embroidered it into the piece of fabric I chose to use and then filled it with herbs and crystals for motivation and closed it up. It still hangs on my cork board and when I pull it off to be front and center stage while grading, it has been helpful.

This is something you can do for a variety of specific magical needs for school. Some ideas include the following:

  • Focus for Studying
  • Grading Motivation
  • Fair and Accurate Grading
  • Ability to Remember and Recall the Information Learned
  • Passing the Test

Then to create a bag, consider compiling the following items together:

  • A bag or cloth to make a bag with with
  • Needle and thread or Marker to stitch or draw a sigil onto the bag
  • Herbs you associate with your goal
  • Other ingredients associated with your goal (like pencil lead, scrap paper, miniature books, etc.)
  • Crystals associated with focus or motivation or success
    • Fluorite is ideal for studying and focus
  • Cleansing incense

Steps for Making:

  1. Decide your Goal and Gather your Supplies
  2. Design a Sigil for your Goal and either draw or stitch it onto the bag or a slip of paper to include in the bag
  3. Cleanse the bag and your ingredients with your incense
  4. Place each ingredient into the bag with intention by keeping your Goal in mind
  5. Repeat your Goal out loud (if comfortable) several times
  6. Securely tie the bag closed
  7. Hold it in your hands and charge it with your intent
  8. Carry it with you or keep in your study area

This sort of spellwork can also be done with a jar and candle as well. Carve your sigil in the candle and as it burns you can use the wax to seal the lid of the jar with your intention and goal. Jars are better kept at the desk or study area so you probably won’t want to carry it with you, but what witch doesn’t like a good jar spell?

Tool Enchantments

Another way to get the school year started right, or to give yourself a refresh in the middle of the school year, is to gather some of your key school supplies together and enchant them with intention. These could be pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, your backpack, tablet, laptop, etc. You can do this a couple of ways.

The first way is ideal if you prefer to keep your witchcraft practice a bit more secret. Simply hold each tool and focus on your intention for each one. Then just keep it in mind each time you use that tool.

The second way can help keep your intention and enchantment in the forefront. Design symbols or sigils for your intention and draw them on each object or tool with a marker. If you don’t want to draw on a particular tool or object (like your laptop), design a sticker and have it printed to stick on there. These sigils and symbols can help remind you of your goals for the school year.

Outfit Glamours

While you initially may not think about glamor magic as a part of school related witchcraft, it can be helpful in a number of ways. If you want to go unnoticed on a particular day, working glamor magic on your outfit that day can help you blend in more. But maybe you want to be the center of attention on a particular day instead or exude more authority or confidence. Glamour magic on yourself, your clothing, your accessories, or your makeup can help make that happen more.

Enchant particular clothing items with embroidered or drawn sigils to manifest your intention. Select clothing colors that help bring that intention to fruition too. For example, red is not really a color that helps you blend in. 

Crystals to Carry

Crystals are an easy way to incorporate some daily magic in your life. Sometimes they can help you focus or ease your anxiety around test taking time. Here are some good ones to consider gathering together for this school year.

Fluorite - calming energy for chaotic situations, great for studying and focus

Clear Quartz - clarity of thought, amplifies your intention so empower it with a focused intention

Lapis Lazuli - problem solvings and intellect

Amethyst - calming, alleviates stress, breaking bad habits

Sodalite - focus and attention, diminishes writer’s block

Amazonite - harmony and balance, boosts confidence and leadership skills

Citrine - stone of happiness, manifestation, and goal setting

Tiger’s Eye - motivation, confidence, and courage

Mookaite - grounding, mindfulness, and motivation

Black Tourmaline - protection from energy

Moonstone - new beginnings and accepting change

Malachite - changes and transformations, aids in making transitions


Depending on how aware you are of your energetic sensitivities, you may find yourself needing to cleanse your energy and supplies on a regular basis during the school year. If you carry around a backpack or crystals or other tools, you might find they accumulate the energy of everyone at school so it is a good idea to cleanse them and yourself periodically. This can help with keeping things clear and help with focus. Consider cleansing your study space frequently as well for the same effect.

Some cleansing techniques to try:

  • Smoke cleansing with incense or herbs
  • Cleansing energy sprays
  • Light visualization
  • Selenite

A great way to cleanse yourself after a stressful day is to take a cleansing shower or bath. Visualize any gunky energy washing off of you and down the drain, leaving you clear and focused again. This can be helpful for right before a study session or when you just need to reset.

Photo by <a href="">Unseen Studio</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

Whether you have just gotten back to school or you have been back for a while already, you can always incorporate some of the above techniques to make your school year magical and more focused and motivating.

Which technique have you tried or will you try?

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