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Cards with Cassie: Tarot & Oracle Workshop

Cards with Cassie: Tarot & Oracle Workshop

A Look at Our New Class Offering

Have you had an interest in reading Tarot or Oracle cards? Curious as to how it is done or where to even begin? Maybe you already have a bit of experience but want some place to learn new techniques and practice your skills.

We are happy to now be able to offer our Cards with Cassie: Card Reader Workshop as an opportunity to learn how to read cards, learn new techniques, and get a chance to practice what you learn. Here is a little sneak peak at what this class has in store.

Who Should Come

Anyone interested in reading cards should come! This class is open to all experience levels of card readers, though many classes are geared to teaching beginner concepts. Whether you have been reading for 10 years or 1 week, we welcome you to join us for this workshop.


This class is done in a hybrid sort of format. During the first half of the class, Cassie presents a lesson on a card reading topic like Major Arcana or Court Cards. An accompanying powerpoint is often used during this lesson.

The second half of the class is workshop time. This often involves putting the lesson into practice. During some classes, this will involve the class building a tarot spread together to read with.

After that, participants will begin reading. They may choose to pair up to read for their partner. They might choose to practice the spread by reading just for themselves. Or the whole class might choose to read for one individual and discuss their interpretations together.

In each instance, participants will get help from Cassie or other experienced readers in the class whenever they get stuck on a card.

Each class is also open to being able to ask questions at any time, whether during the lesson or during the workshopping portion. 


Some of the topics that may be discussed during different classes might include but are not limited to the following areas: differences between oracle and tarot, reading reversals, the fool’s journey, reading court cards, crafting spreads, major arcana, minor arcana, symbolism in tarot, lenormand, etc.

About the Teacher

Cassie Shea, co-owner of The Rose Craft, is an experienced card reader and has had her own reading business for the past seven years. She started Cards with Cassie years ago, but had to put it on a short hiatus. She is super pumped to get it back up and running because nothing is better than teaching and connecting with you all! 

About Our Host

Bethany Quinn of BB Quinn Photography has graciously offered her boudoir studio for this workshop. She offers black and white boudoir photo shoots to celebrate the modern woman. Each session she offers allows for dry hairstyling, coaching for how to sit, and same-day viewing.

If you are curious about experiencing a boudoir photo session, please check out more from Bethany’s website and be sure to thank her when you come to class for offering her space to us,

Check out Bethany’s website HERE.

Upcoming Dates

Right now the class will run one Friday a month, dependent on our schedule and our hosting space’s schedule. In the future this may change to be more frequent.

The next class will be:

Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 6:00 PM, in person, at The Stutz Building located at 212 W. 10th Street, Indianapolis.

What to Bring to Class

For each class you attend we recommend bringing writing materials for note-taking purposes. This can be a dedicated tarot journal, your grimoire, or just a spiral-bound notebook along with a pen or pencil.

We also recommend bringing your favorite Tarot or oracle deck. However, if you do not have one or forget one, we will have some of our popular Tarot decks with us for sale on site. If you are interested in one from our website, you can always message us before class asking us to bring it along if you want to purchase it at class.

We unfortunately do not have demo-decks at this time.

If you need help picking a card deck, check out this Blog Post HERE.

Browse our Tarot and Oracle Decks HERE and HERE.

Sign Up Details

Space is limited to 10 people.

Minimum participants is 2 or 3 people.

Sign up by 12:00 PM noon on Thursday (the day before the class on Friday).

Each class is $10 a person.

After signing up, we will send you an email with details for parking and where to meet to get to class.

You can sign up through our website:

In Case of Cancellation/Postponement

We are asking participants to sign up by Noon the day before class to allow us time to see if we need to cancel or postpone class due to low sign ups.

In the event that this happens, we will reach out to you with your options.

See you in class!

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