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Crystals for Communication

Crystals for Communication

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

Crystals are very versatile in their metaphysical effects. Some crystals, as you may have read in previous posts, are great for protection. Others are good for empowering your personal magical gifts. Still others are good for things like communication.

Many of us could use a little extra help in the communication department. Maybe it's in regards to speaking our truth or being more diplomatic in our approach. Sometimes it is just about getting the right words out. There are some crystals that can help open us up to more appropriate communication methods.

Title Card Image: Crystals for Communication, The Rose Craft's Guide to Crystals

The following crystals are all blue or blue-green, often associated with communication and healing energies. These crystals are perfect to wear around the neck, near the throat to soothe it and open it for clear communication. If a necklace is not your thing, a bracelet or ring worn on your right side (or your projecting side) can help you speak up more clearly and worn on the left side (or receiving side) may help you with listening more clearly. Earrings of these crystals can also help with listening.

If jewelry in general is not the way you want to work these crystals, try carrying a small tumbled stone with you in your pocket. In a spell bag or sachet, you could combine with herbs or other items that facilitate communication and keep near you space. Larger pieces, like towers or clusters, are great to keep in a room where you spend a lot of time working on communicating with others or to the digital ether.

As a reminder, not all communication has to involve talking directly to another person. If you spend a good deal of time writing emails or blogs or other non-verbal forms of communication, these crystals can benefit you as well. They are for communication in general, not just being able to speak good.

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Three Amazonite Towers pictured

Amazonite is a blue-green to green stone of truth and communication. It helps us release fears associated with being judged so that we can speak our truth more freely. It is also a stone of harmony, allowing there to be a balance between the speaker and the listener. It also allows us to stay compassionate while communicating our side of things.

A big part of Amazonite is its power to bring the truth forward. If you struggle with accepting the truth yourself, this may be a good crystal to have in your possession to open up and accept the truth of the situation. It is also good for when you need to give that truth to others in a compassionate way that doesn’t come off as rude or condescending.

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Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Tower

Blue Lace Agate is an extremely calming light blue stone with white bands. It is known to be a crystal of communication, clarity, and confidence. It is believed to soothe the emotional body and bring

confidence to communication. If someone has negative experiences with communication, Blue Lace Agate is a good crystal to have around to alleviate those connections to form positive ones.

The strength of Blue Lace Agate comes in helping one find the right words for the situation. It helps slowly, gradually, and steadily building up one’s confidence for better communication. Paired with saying daily affirmations, Blue Lace Agate could be a great crystal for reinforcing your chosen affirmation.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Tower


A deeply vibrant blue stone, Lapis Lazuli is flecked with golden pieces of pyrite and is an excellent crystal for communication and connecting to one’s inner vision. It is a very royal crystal and can help with maintaining a degree of authority when communicating your truth. It can also aid in opening your intuition and communicating with spirits in the Otherworlds.

Lapis is a very versatile crystal, helping with many varying areas of life. It can help enhance your ability to teach and learn, keeping your mind open.

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Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone

Chrysocolla is a crystal that comes in a variety of blue, green, and blue-green hues. It is a great stone for communication and gentleness. It helps with connecting to goddess energies and easing stress. It allows for one to more easily express one’s inner wisdom.

This crystal is a good one for not just communicating outwardly to others in various forms, but also communicating with ourselves. It can help us understand our inner wisdom and what it means to us before even beginning the process of formulating a way to communicate it to others.

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As a light blue-gray crystal, Celestite is a stone of angelic communication and serenity. It raises one’s vibrations allowing for an easier means of connecting with and contacting one’s higher guides and angels. It can help dispel fears and calm the emotions while enhancing intuition and raising the awareness.

Celestite is a very calming and soothing crystal, much like Blue Lace Agate. It is gentle in the way it assists and raises one’s energy and vibration levels. Celestite is often more idea with communicating with our higher guides, with programming it could be a great crystal to assist in gentle communication and raising awareness with our fellow humans.

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Final Thoughts

Blue and blue-green crystals are often the master crystals for communication, however you can find a number of other crystals that can assist in communication that do not fall into this color category. Crystals that assist in writing and creativity or art may be your go-to communication crystals. You may also find pairing these crystals with those for other purposes and intentions to be the best way to work with them. I personally pair Chrysocolla with Carnelian when I want to get in the creative writing mode.

See what communication crystals call to you and see how they enhance your ability to communicate clearly and truthfully on a daily basis.

Let us know on social media what your go to communication stones are.

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