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Crystals for Divination

Crystals for Divination

The Rose Craft's Guide to Crystals

Many a witch practices some form of divination whether that be with some form of card reading or reading runes or dowsing or other method. For some, using crystals is a natural part of this process. Here is a short list of some crystals that are good for enhancing your divination practice by helping develop and enhance your own psychic and intuitive abilities.


Amethyst is one of the first crystals that come to mind when seeking to pair crystals with your divination practice. It is known to help one connect to higher spiritual energies, keeping your energy at a higher vibration when divining. It is also a beneficial psychic protector. Amethyst is also a great crystal for developing one's psychic abilities and intuition.

Some will keep a piece of amethyst in their tarot bag or box to keep the deck's energies clear and connected to the spiritual realm.

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Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is also a powerful crystal to use in your divination practice. It brings clarity to situations and amplifies one's intentions. Different formations of quartz can also enhance your divination practice. For example, window quartz is a formation that creates a perfect diamond shape near one of the point's faces and allows one to see into the situation with better clarity. Shovel quartz can help you dig deeper when doing a reading.

Take some time to read up on some of the different formations to see how they can enhance not only your divination practice but also your crystal work. You may also find quartz spheres handy in divination practices.

I tend to keep a piece of quartz with my tarot decks to keep them cleansed and clear.

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Apatite is known to be a crystal that helps jump start your intuition and psychic ability. It can enhance and help your develop your gifts making it easier to listen to and trust those intuitive niggles. Keeping a piece around while reading your cards can help you interpret their meanings more easily.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is another crystal that is often connected with psychic development. This can be a good one to keep around while practicing divination to enhance your gifts as well. It allows us to better listen to our guides to receive the information we need during a divination session.

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Obsidian, its black or sheen varieties, can also be excellent crystals to keep around while working on a divination session. Black obsidian, especially, is often used in scrying mirrors or spheres. It is a powerful protective crystal, but also its dark glassy surface can make it easy to delve deeply to "see" the answers you are seeking when divining.

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Scrying with Crystals

Some people are particularly good at scrying and divining via crystals. For others it takes practice, but it can be a fun means of divination. If you are interested in picking up this divination technique, consider some of the following things.

The popular choices for scrying crystals are usually black obsidian, clear quartz, or smoky quartz, but any crystal you find particularly easy to get lost in may work to your benefit here. Some even prefer leaded glass spheres that have near perfect clarity with no internal flaws and can sometimes come in different colors.

Many also prefer spheres or flat discs when trying to scry with crystals. These smoother surfaces make it generally easier to scry. Some also prefer crystals that have a good deal of inclusions or fractures inside while others try to go for near perfectly clear specimens. You may want to experiment with which is easier for your to focus on during a divination session when you scry.

Whatever crystal you choose to scry with, you will want to practice on a regular basis to improve your skills. Some of that practice will involve practice with protection techniques and meditation techniques. Just remember that the whole process will take time so try not to get down on yourself if it doesn't work at first.

Final Thoughts

Crystals make excellent compliments to any divination practice. If you don't already use crystals in your tarot readings or other divination techniques, consider experimenting with some today and see how it affects your intuition.

What are your favorite crystals for divination and psychic development?

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