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Crystals for Growth

Crystals for Growth

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

It has been a bit since the last crystal guide so it seems only appropriate to do another one for you. This time, with the spring equinox right around the corner, let’s focus on some crystals that will help encourage growth and new beginnings in your life!

Whether you need a crystal to help boost your personal and spiritual growth, or you need something to help jump start a new project and beginning for you, this list of crystals may help guide you in the process of finding just the right crystals for your needs.


Amazonite, in general, is good for truth, communication, and harmony. If you are struggling with speaking your truth, this is a great crystal to have around. In regards to new beginnings and growth (both personal and spiritual), it can be an excellent crystal for helping with transitions and learning to speak up if you have kept quiet for too long. 



Amethyst is very much a gateway crystal due to its color and ease of access. This crystal is a great crystal for protection, spiritual growth and connection, and breaking habits. If you are looking to grow spiritually, having amethyst around is one of the best passive methods for boosting your spirituality. If you need help breaking bad habits, amethyst is also a great crystal to have around.



Apophyllite is a good crystal for growth and transition due to its ability to aid in opening one up to higher states of awareness. It is great for meditation and thus can help with spiritual growth.



As a popular manifestation crystal, citrine is also great for bringing joy and positivity into one's life. If you are struggling with keeping a positive attitude and having a growth mindset, bring a little yellow citrine into your life to boost your optimism.



Similar to amethyst, howlite is a calming crystal that can aid in helping one break bad habits. Pair it with some amethyst if you need to make changes to your habits. It is also good for stress, anxiety, and anger issues. 



One of our favorite crystals is labradorite and it is an amazing crystal for magic and connecting to your intuition. It can bring guidance from your higher self during times of change or when making important transitions in your life. Plus it is super colorful and flashy so of course what’s not to love.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a crystal that can be good for deepening your inner self-knowing and thus strengthen your quest for personal growth. It will help you align with who you truly are and help you connect to your intuition better.


Lodolite/Garden Quartz

Lodolite, the mineral found in Garden Quartz, is a mineral of clarity and calmness. It brings deep emotional healing into your life allowing for spiritual growth. It also allows you to connect to your higher self and raise your vibrations.


Moss Agate

Green crystals are some of the best to have around when looking for something to help with growth and Moss Agate is one of those. It is an excellent crystal for new beginnings and attraction to help you manifest things in your life.


Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is the master crystal for new beginnings. If you need a crystal to help jumpstart a major new transition in your life, get some rainbow moonstone to have around. It is also a fairly spiritual stone to help you connect with lunar energies and goddess energies.

Smoky Quartz

Sometimes growth and change requires some grounding energy to have around. Smoky quartz is a good crystal to have around in those instances. It transmutes negative energy into positive and provides stability and grounded energy during times of change.


Tiger’s Eye

Finally, Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that can help motivate and push you to pursue new things. Maybe you just need a little bit more courage and confidence to jumpstart that thing you have been trying to get yourself to do. Well, this is a crystal that can help get you there!


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Final Thoughts

There are many great crystals for aiding in your spiritual and personal growth and the major changes and transitions that come with new beginnings. See which ones you are drawn to and experiment with how they affect your life.

Let us know what your favorite crystals for growth and new beginnings are.

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