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Crystals for Justice

Crystals for Justice

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

The world is a pretty crazy place right now and full of injustices that have been leaving many confused, frightened, angry, and burning for justice and change. While crystals are not the solution for any of the issues that may be bothering us the most, they can help empower us and strengthen our convictions, helping us to speak up and make change.

This list of crystals is a selection of some of the better ones for bringing about justice by empowering us to speak out and hold true to our convictions.


The crystals listed here are meant to be carried with to protect and remind us of our convictions or to be used in grids or spell work to aid in bringing about desired changes. They cannot, in and of themselves, bring justice to any of the terrible injustices that are happening in our world today. Real justice and change can only happen when we take appropriate action like voting, protesting, calling or writing to your representatives, donating to credible organizations, etc. 

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a particularly good stone to start this list as it is a potent crystal for courage and protection. It is great for motivation and can help push you forward with the strength you need to speak up for where you feel there are injustices happening.



Bloodstone is a great crystal for warriors and those fighting battles. While it is also associated with good health, Bloodstone can be useful for enhancing courage, strength, and passion. It is also a stone of sacrifice.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the master protective crystals and thus excellent to carry with you when you need a bit of extra protection to face injustices. It will help repel away negative energy and keep you safe.



Jaspers in general make a good addition to any crystal work you may be doing for justice. Whether polychrome, picture, red, or bloodstone, Jasper is a great mineral to help with loyalty, strength and standing up for what you believe in. They can help with fairness.



Amazonite is another great crystal to keep on hand for matters of justice. It helps with truth and speaking with conviction. It can also help with keeping hope in tough situations.


Other Crystals

In general, some other helpful crystals for justice include agate varieties focused on specific purposes, black crystal for protection, blue crystals for truth, and red or orange crystals for passion and courage.

Also consider pink crystals for compassion and grace depending on the situation.Clear quartz is also ideal for any crystal combination as it will amplify and enhance your intentions.

Crystals for change like malachite, moonstone, and moldavite are also helpful as they can enhance major transformations.

If you want to get specific with the type of injustice you are working to fix considering some of the following issues and the crystals that can be used for them:

Roe v. Wade - garnet, carnelian, red jasper, ruby, other orange and red crystals for their association for anger, blood, and reproductive organs

Gun Violence - hematite, garnet, black tourmaline and other crystals for protection

Racial Injustices - crystals for empathy and compassion, tiger eye, tiger iron, black obsidian, agates, bloodstone, red crystals for strength and passion, blue crystals for ensuring your voice is heard

War - bloodstone, garnet, tiger eye, tiger iron, aquamarine, light blue stones for peace

LGBTQIA+ Safety and Protection - rainbow or multicolored crystals, crystals for protection, crystals for empathy and understanding like rhodochrosite and rose quartz,

How to Use

Wearing or Carrying

One simple way of using any of the above crystals alone or in combination is to carry or wear them on your person or given to another person to carry or wear.

If you are participating in protests, consider having at least one protective crystal on you, like black tourmaline or black obsidian. Other crystals can help you keep your strength in the face of obstacles.

Be sure to cleanse and charge before either wearing or carrying your piece.


If casting a spell to bring justice, you can combine any of the above crystals for your purposes. Cleanse beforehand in your preferred method. Then gather your other tools and perform your spell while charging your crystals with your intent. You might choose to carry the crystal(s) with you or else keep them on your altar space as a focus for justice.

For spell ideas consider Spells for Tough Times by Kerri Connor.

Crystal Grids

The final method generally requires a combination of small crystals for your intention that can be left until your desired purpose has been fulfilled.

Have a focus crystal selected that will hold your main intention for the work and then a selection of other crystals to enhance things. You may use a specific sacred geometry layout or use your intuition when laying the stones in a pattern. Including an image of the issue or a slip of paper with a sigil representing your intention to be placed under the grid can enhance your gridwork.

With all crystals cleansed, you can place each one down with intention and focus on the specific outcome of justice you are looking for. Each crystal placement will build on the other and enhance your purpose. When satisfied with placement, do a final activation and then leave until the desired outcome comes to fruition. Dust and keep clean and visit to refocus your intentions as you need.

Final Thoughts

As crazy as the world is right now, there are still things we can do to make the necessary changes to bring justice. The above crystals can help strengthen us and give us courage to fight the battles we need to while also protecting ourselves.

Stay safe and fight for what you believe in!

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