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Crystals for Magick and Manifesting Power

Crystals for Magick and Manifesting Power

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

In this series of blogs, we want to present quick guides of five or so crystals based on their properties and the intention people have for crystals in their life. In our first post in this series we presented some great crystals for beginners wanting to start out their crystal collection.

Now we want to present some crystals that will help you manifest your personal power to channel your magick more efficiently. These crystals are meant to enhance the various forms of magick in your life and can be worn or placed on your altar as reminders of that magick.


I chose Apatite for this list because of the way it helps awaken and enhance one’s psychic abilities. I am a big believer that everyone is psychic and sometimes we just need a reminder, so this crystal is a great way to amplify those abilities in our lives. It can help us explore our dreams with lucid dreaming and have more aha moments in our lives. These little synchronicities are ideal for enhancing our connection to our personal power and magick.

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Labradorite is known as being a stone of magick. Its color, or rather, the play of colors that flash across it depending on the light, better known as its labradorescence, is a magickal and transfixing. Like Apatite, it will also enhance psychic abilities as many indigo colored crystals will. Labradorite is a great crystal to help one tap into our unlimited potential in magickal and psychic arenas and allow us to walk that line between the worlds.

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As the name might suggest, Merlinite is associated with the Arthurian legend magician Merlin. Merlinite is a combination of Quartz and Psilomelane creating a usually white crystal with black inclusions. However, you will see crystals labeled Mystic Merlinite out there as well that are dark grey to black with more flashy flecks that are comprised of Quartz and Feldspar (related then to Labradorite). The differences in their energies may be minute to some and vastly different to others, so feel free to experiment with which variety appeals to you more.

Merlinite, in general, is a great stone for connecting to our magick and the magick of the universe by aiding us in our magickal studies. It allows us to connect to the elemental energies so that we can better manifest with them. And it opens us to deepen our intuition and connect with our spirit guides and allies.


Also known as the Sorcerer’s Stone, Nuumite is another crystal for magick. This crystal can help us attune to the energies of the elements, go on deep journeys, as well as exploring the synchronicities in our life. It can be a great gazing stone for trance work. It is a perfect stone for really digging deep and exploring ourselves to better achieve mastery over various areas of our life and take back our personal power.


Also known as the Tempest’s Stone, Pietersite is a crystal of power and transformation, both keys to embracing our magick. It is a crystal for insight and vision, allowing us to see more clearly. It can allow us to travel the otherworlds more easily while keeping us simultaneously grounded. Like a storm, it is truly a magickal stone.

Five crystals pictured clockwise from top: Apatite, Pietersite, Labradorite, Nuumite with Merlinite in the center

Above crystals pictured from the top and clockwise around: Apatite, Pietersite, Labradorite, Nuumite, with Merlinite in the center.

Other Crystals That Can Help with Magick

Now, there are a number of other crystals that can help with magick and different aspects of power. The following are some of those.


While not a true stone but a fossilized resin, Amber can hold a static charge when rubbed with a dry cloth. Because of this, it has been associated as a crystal for witches allowing for the channeling of magickal energies. It holds a very sunny, solar energy to it that is gentle and soothing.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a stone for inner vision and truth. It can serve as an enhancement to a magickal mindset as well as aligning our will with our higher will.

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Clear Quartz

Because of the versatility of Clear Quartz due to its amplification and programmability properties, it can be used as a powerful crystal for magick and personal power. Including it amongst other crystals to enhance your magick can increase their manifestation in your life. You can use Quartz to direct energy as well. The uses for Clear Quartz in your magick and manifestation of personal power is virtually limitless.

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Dark Crystals

A lot of the above crystals are dark in color. An interesting observation if you consider that as witches many of us are aware of the need to delve into our shadows (the dark) to reclaim our lost power. That lost power being from generations of trauma or from our own personal pasts (past lives and within this life). These crystals listed above are all great stones for delving into those personal shadows to reclaim and take ownership again of our magick and start manifesting it again.

Final Thoughts

Take some time to see what crystals of magick call to you or bring out your magick more. Start with one or two and see how your abilities open up and how your dreams change when working with those crystals. Work slowly but with purpose to reclaim your magick and personal power as a witch or as a magickal person.

Feel free to share your experiences with us or other crystals you find particularly helpful in enhancing your personal magickal powers.

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