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Crystals for Pisces Season

Crystals for Pisces Season

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

We have recently shifted into Pisces season and with that comes some interesting ebbs and flows. Each shift from one sun sign to the next brings its own unique energies. Some chaotic and tumultuous, others a bit more subtle and calming. Some individuals might find some zodiac seasons more challenging than others because of their unique birth charts.

If you happen to be sensitive to this particular season’s energies, this may be the crystal guide for you. Here we will explore some crystals that will help you survive the season if the energies are too much for you or ones that will help you better connect to its energies.

So let’s take a dive into this watery sign’s seasonal energies.

Pisces Season Energy

Pisces season begins around February 19th each year (give or take a day) and lasts until about March 20th. It is the last sign of the zodiac wheel coming right after Aquarius and right before the new zodiac year with Aries taking the helm again.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is a mutable water sign. As a water sign, this sign can often be seen as emotional, dreamy, and highly intuitive. As a mutable sign, it is the last sign of a particular season and thus usually acknowledges the themes of change, flexibility, and transitions. Neptune rules the realms of dreams, vision, imagination, and creativity.

With all these in combination, Pisces season energy is often about the transition from winter to spring with a heavy focus on dreams and creativity. You might find you have more vivid dreams during this time of the year with bouts of creative inspiration you want to push for. The energy of this season may also be a good time to focus on spiritual endeavors as well.

However, you might be finding yourself growing restless if it is a particularly long winter. You might be ready for spring and things in your life may not be transitioning as quickly as you would like. You might feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel overly sensitive about everything. Or you may be having more creative ideas than you can handle. Your intuition and psychic abilities (particularly empathy) may feel like they are on full blast and you are having difficulty grounding it to be productive.

Crystals for the Season

You might find that you want to ease some of the unwanted effects of this season or that you want to enhance the more desirable ones. So here are some crystals that can help over the next few weeks of Pisces energy.

Rose Quartz

For Pisces season you will want to make sure that you are being compassionate with yourself. The emotional energy that flows heavily through this time of the year can be balanced with Rose Quartz. Pink stones in general are great for enhancing our compassion with ourselves and others. Carrying Rose Quartz around can be a great way to remind yourself to be kind to yourself and to soothe your emotions when they get to be too much for you.



Fluorite is another good crystal for Pisces season. It is known to bring calming energy to chaotic situations. It can help you focus and redirect your energy in more productive ways. If you need help sifting through chaotic emotions, this may be a good stone to carry with you this season.



A stone of spirituality and psychic abilities, Amethyst is also the birthstone of February Pisces. It is a great crystal that not only helps enhance and develop your spiritual connection and intuition, but also offers protection as well. It can also help bring you a sense of peace and ease your emotions. Wear a piece of amethyst jewelry or carry a small stone with you to help harness and develop your intuition and spiritual connection this season. It can also be great to sleep with if you are looking to help amplify your dreams.



Sometimes grounding is the key to making it through this energy. Bringing bloodstone along with you during this season may be a good way to do that. It is known to be protective and extremely grounding with its balance of green and red colors. It can also help boost your feelings of strength and confidence giving you a better sense of self as you navigate the usually more ethereal tone of Pisces season.


Smoky Quartz

A general favorite for transmuting negative into positive, Smoky Quartz is another great Pisces season crystal. It can help ground your energy when you need to come back down to earth after focusing on the higher realms while also providing a nice aura of protection when you are exploring those things. It can bring emotional release and aids in better emotional regulation. So consider carrying one of these around with you too.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this season may be a perfect time to focus on your intuition, spiritual connections, and dreams, but you may find yourself during Pisces season struggling with your emotional sensitivities and the chaos that can bring into your life.
Take some time to gather your favorite crystals about you to create the perfect Pisces season survival kit and you will make it through!

What are your favorite crystals for making it through Pisces season?

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