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Crystals for Procrastination and Motivation

Crystals for Procrastination and Motivation

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

One thing I personally struggle with is kicking my procrastination habit and getting myself motivated to do the things. I think a number of others also have this struggle. There are a ton of things that contribute to procrastination and lack of motivation that usually don't stem from actual laziness. This guide isn’t meant to dive into the core root of these things, but rather compile a list of some of the crystals I find personally beneficial for kicking my ass into gear.

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Most of the crystals listed here follow a common theme: orange and yellow crystals. These crystals resonate with some of the lower energy centers of the body and tend to be energizing, which is often helpful for motivation.

If these crystals don't work for you personally, try other crystals that are red, orange, or yellow in color. You may even find that crystals in colors that resonate with higher energy centers work better for your own personal motivations too.


Carnelian is one of my favorite crystals for creativity as well as motivation. I often keep a piece of carnelian with me when I need to give myself just an extra bit of oomph to get going.

It is an energizing stone for vitality and courage. When programmed for motivation or overcoming procrastination and hesitation, carnelian is my first choice for this list of crystals.

Carnelian can be found in multiple forms from raw and polished, to beautifully cut pieces in jewelry. It is an orange variety of chalcedony and ranges from pale orange to deep red-orange.

Carry a piece or wear one with you when you want to maintain your motivation and energy levels for the day. Keeping a piece on your desk or work area would also be beneficial. Put small chip stones into a spell bottle for motivation or use larger tumbled stones in a spell bag sachet to carry with you or hang in your work space. Periodically, cleanse your carnelian when you are starting to feel sluggish again.

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Tiger Eye (Red or Golden)

Tiger Eye is another crystal I think of and use when I need to get motivated. Tiger Eye in both red and golden varieties can work well or even Tiger Iron.

Tiger Eye is another stone of vitality (see a trend here?) that moves us to physical and practical action. It is also a stone to give us some mental clarity as well, allowing us to stay more focused on the task.

It is stone that usually comes in the form of tumbled stones, shaped pieces, beaded jewelry, and even polished jewelry pieces. It forms to have bands of shimmering yellow-brown to golden hues. This shimmer is referred to as chatoyancy. Red Tiger Eye will be similar but in chatoyant red hues.

Similar to above, you can carry Tiger Eye with you in your pocket or worn as jewelry to keep that motivational energy with you daily. Pair with other motivation stones on your desk or work space to enhance their motivational purpose. Tiger Eye is perfect to carry in spell bags or include in spell bottles as well.

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Golden Calcite

Calcite in the varieties of yellow, golden, and orange hues are the best for motivation and pushing through procrastination. I find golden calcite, in particular, to be a favorite to keep around my other motivational crystals.

Calcites in these hues are stones that bring creativity, confidence, clarity of the mind, and persistence to the forefront. Orange varieties are particularly good for creative aspects and more yellow and golden varieties will bring confidence and intellectual focus to endeavors.

Calcite is a very soft mineral. Often found in raw form or tumbled pieces, you will not often find it in jewelry because of its hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale. You can find nice polished spheres out there though.

When carrying calcite with you, be sure to keep it separate from other crystals to avoid breakage. Keep on your desk or work area. Or place a sphere on your altar to remind you of overcoming procrastination daily.

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Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is an ideal combination of the two energies making it great for mental clarity and decisiveness. It is also great for overcoming insecurities one might have.

Ametrine will often be translucent purple with areas of yellow, sometimes even half and half. It is excellent to have around your work space for mental focus, keeping our minds clear but also energized to keep going.

You can find ametrine in all forms and varieties. Often tumbled or polished as small stones but larger pieces can be found in towers, spheres, and points. You can also find lovely pieces in jewelry form.

Carry pieces in your pocket or wear in jewelry for daily motivation or keep in your workspace or altar. Smaller tumbled or chip stones can be great for spell bags or bottles as well.


Pyrite, while often thought of a stone for manifesting and wealth, is also a great stone for procrastination.

Also known as Fool's Gold, Pyrite is a stone of prosperity. It is masculine in energy and can be great for confidence and vitality. And it s a stone of action and overcoming fears. Making it ideal for overcoming our procrastination blockages and getting moving on our tasks.

Often found in raw and cluster forms, there are times when you can find polished and shaped pieces of pyrite as well. At times you can find pyrite in jewelry as well, including beaded bracelets.

Charge and carry pyrite with you for motivation. If you can find some to wear, put it on the days you lack motivation to get you moving in the direction you need. Larger pieces on your deck or workspace will also be helpful to get you working.

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Final Thoughts

Try one of the above crystals for your next motivation spell. Carry a piece with you daily to see how your motivation shifts. See if it becomes easier to overcome procrastination when you have a piece nearby to hold.

Let us know about your favorite crystals for motivation and procrastination.

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