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Crystals for Protection

Crystals for Protection

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

One of the most asked questions we get about crystals is what crystal is good for protection. Whether it is for protecting one’s energy from negative energy from toxic coworkers or protecting the home from outside influences, there are several amazing crystals that come to mind.

Black Tourmaline and Tourmalinated Quartz

Black Tourmaline and Tourmalinated Quartz are two very excellent crystals of protection. The major protective aspect of these two crystals is the tourmaline that is found in thin threads and blades within Tourmalinated Quartz, hence why they are included here together. Also called schorl, black tourmaline is considered the master crystal of protection. When found in quartz formations, the quartz amplifies the protective qualities of the tourmaline, making it often a much stronger protective crystal.

Many black crystals are considered protective due to their coloration. Each works slightly differently. Black Tourmaline works by creating and reinforcing energetic boundaries. The energy of black tourmaline will repel away outside energies, particularly negative or harmful energies, making it an excellent stone to have for empaths or those in need of better energetic barriers.

You can find black tourmaline raw or polished and shaped. Many pieces of tourmalinated quartz are shaped and polished, though raw and natural pieces are available. You can find both in jewelry. If left in raw, natural blades, black tourmaline can be a bit fragile.

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Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is another popular crystal for protection. For some it is often more of a go-to crystal than black tourmaline because while black tourmaline blocks all energies from coming in, black obsidian can be a bit more permeable in its barrier creation.

Obsidian comes in a few varieties, but black is the one that dominates the protection scene. Its protection focuses a bit more on psychic protection and can ground and cleanse negative energy that is thrown at you or that you create yourself.

Black obsidian can also be beneficial in spirit communication and scrying work. Pieces of obsidian polished and shaped into spheres or flat “mirrors” make excellent tools for practicing your clairvoyant abilities with the benefits of its protective aspects.

Obsidian can be found in many forms. As a volcanic glass that was often used for making arrowheads, it is easily shaped and formed into carvings and jewelry.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is another good crystal for protection, and more importantly, the transmutation of negative energy into positive. It is an excellent crystal for grounding energy and giving you the support you need. It is particularly nice for bringing a sense of practicality into one’s life.

It is a quartz that ranges in color from pale tan to deep chocolate. Because of its nature as a quartz, it can be shaped and polished into many forms from towers, spheres, beads, jewelry, and more.

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The theme of black crystals continues with Shungite. Made of a high composition of carbon in a form known as fullerenes, Shungite comes in three varieties that are scaled based on their percentage of carbon. Silver or noble shungite is the first type of shungite that has a more metallic appearance similar to hematite but way lighter and less dense. The silver shungite has the highest percentage of carbon in it. Black shungite is the second type that appears as more of a dull black with occasional lighter streaks and has a bit lower percentage of carbon.

The carbon in shungite is believed to help in its detoxifying properties. Some will place shungite in water (notably the silver variety if available) to serve as an energetic and physical detoxifier of their water. This detoxifying property translates to protecting one from EMF and 5G energies as well as neutralizing other negative energies in one’s environment.

Shungite can be found raw, tumbled, or shaped and polished. If you can find it in a pyramid shape, this would be ideal for keeping near your electronics and routers in your home to help neutralize the EMF energies. 


Hematite is another black crysal for protection. Its color is more metallic gray, but in general it falls into the protective black crystal category. Much heavier than many other crystals, hematite is an iron based mineral that gears itself to being very grounding.

Hematite is believed to absorb and ground out negative energy. Popular as solid hematite rings and as beaded bracelets, hematite is quite prevalent in the community and lauded as a good stone to wear when you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy. Rather than taking on the energy yourself, the bracelet or ring will absorb the negative energy instead and then ground it out. When it has absorbed too much, it is believed to break spontaneously.

Hematite is a fairly fragile stone so when wearing a ring, be careful to not slam your hand down too hard on a table or railing so as not to break it. Luckily hematite rings are fairly inexpensive and pretty plentiful on the market.

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Straying away from black crystals, Amethyst can be a strong protective crystal as well. It offers a good deal of high vibrational spiritual protection and purification. It can cleanse the energy field of negative energies and thoughtforms, making it often easier to break bad habits. It can also help in establishing better energetic barriers and protections.

Amethyst is quite plentiful and found in many forms and varieties to suit your personal preferences and needs.

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How to Use Protection Crystals

Like most crystals, you can use protection crystals in a variety of ways. One of the most common methods is simply wearing or carrying them on your person. This can be as jewelry, spell pouches, or in your pocket or bra. Another method would be to keep a piece in a prominent space in your work area or home, particularly when wanting to protect from negative energy environments or from EMFs. Finally, you can use protection crystals in spellwork. This can involve using a crystal grid with protection stones, or making a protection spell bottle or bag. Some rituals might involve burying inexpensive pieces around the home as well.

For Home Protection

With at least four smallish crystals you can place them inside or bury them outside your home in the four directions for easy home protection. Adding a few more for doors and windows can help keep negative energy coming into your home.

You may find that you just want to have one nice larger crystal in an ideal location of your home for protection instead. Crystals that are pyramids, towers, or clusters are the best for this as they will generate a lot of energy for the space.

Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Amethyst are some of the best for home protection.

image of the outside of a house in the fall
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

For Protecting Your Energy

To protect your personal energy, wearing a piece of jewelry in your favorite protection crystal is one of the best methods. For empaths, wearing a piece of black tourmaline that falls near your heart chakra is often ideal. Others find that wearing hematite on the side of their body that receives energy (usually the left side for right-handed individuals and vice-versa) can help prevent them from taking on others' negative energy. Keeping the crystals in your pocket or worn in a little bag around the neck can also be good.

Cleanse and program your crystals before wearing if possible. Many will find that some crystals will automatically feel a relief, but programming as soon as you can will increase its effectiveness. Simply hold your piece and speak your intention for that crystal or jewelry piece to program it.

Black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz and amethyst are good for protecting your personal energy field.

For EMF Protection

If you want protection from EMF and 5G energies, you can utilize crystals to sit near your electronics. Pyramids are great to sit next to your routers and computers. If you want to wear something, bracelets are easy and usually inconspicuous. Wearing a bracelet or other piece of jewelry on the side you hold your phone would be best.

Shungite is the best for EMF protection, but smoky quartz and black tourmaline are also great stones for EMF and 5G protection.

Final Thoughts

Protection crystals are often sought after for one reason or the other. Most of these protection crystals are black, but occasionally, like with amethyst you can find some color crystals that are good for protecting your energy as well. Protection crystals make great tools for helping give your energetic space from others until you can more easily establish your own healthy boundaries.

If you are in need of some good protection crystals like the ones above or even herbs that could aid in your protection spellwork, check out our shop today and Shop by Intention and you can find what you need.

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