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Crystals for Shadow Work

Crystals for Shadow Work

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

As the season here in the Northern hemisphere changes to longer days, it often becomes a good time to begin inner work and shadow work. It can be a difficult process for many as it dives deep into our inner world and involves trying to shine a light on that which we have repressed or pushed aside for too long. It is a process that deserves its own post a bit later.

For those who are already deep diving into their shadows, there are a few crystals that may help and aid the process. The crystals curated in the list may help bring the shadow to our attention, help to integrate that shadow, or otherwise provide comfort and self-care reminders.


Shadow work can be a very difficult process to do on one’s own. It is highly encouraged to seek professional counseling during the process for support. Crystals are not meant to replace professional medical or psychiatric help.


Obsidian, in most all its forms, can be an excellent stone to work with in shadow work. Black Obsidian specifically can be a good one for bringing one’s Shadow to the surface and allowing it to be integrated and transformed. Snowflake Obsidian can help with encouraging one’s receptivity to the whole process. Mahogany Obsidian can help with feelings of unworthiness that hold us back. Rainbow Obsidian is beneficial for guiding our journey into the dark to face the Shadow and through it to come back to light again.

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Labradorite, as a stone of magic, can also be a good stone to work on processing the Shadow. It helps facilitate visionary experiences that can help illuminate the Shadow. It is a great stone for delving into our inner realms and digging up the roots of our old patterns.

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Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is an excellent support crystal on a shadow work journey. This crystal reminds us of the love around us. It reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and take time to just trust the process and take care of ourselves. It helps to heal and release past traumas. Rose quartz should be worn or carried throughout the shadow work process to avoid overwhelm.

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Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is a dark gray to black variety of Moonstone that can aid in the process of shadow work. It provides a gentle connection to Mother Earth energies and Goddess energies while connecting us to the New Moon. It can be an excellent crystal to guide you deep into your Shadow and gently help unblock and heal emotional traumas.

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Kunzite, in its purple-pink hues, is another gentle crystal to have in your shadow work process as a reminder of divine love. It brings emotional healing and allows one to become receptive to love. It can serve as an excellent reminder for self-care and being open to the whole process.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz brings a good deal of grounding energy to the process of shadow work. It is known to help transmute negative into positive and thus can be a great crystal to help in the integration of one’s Shadow.

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How to Use Crystals for Shadow Work

Now, the above crystals all have natural properties that can align them well for proceeding with shadow work. There are a few steps and options for using them in shadow work.

  • Cleanse, charge, and program specifically for shadow work before using them
  • Carry with you on the days you want to focus on your shadow work
  • Meditate with them when wanting to dive deeper into your shadow
  • Wear or carry rose quartz or kunzite around daily to soothe between shadow work sessions
  • Cleanse your shadow work crystals on a regular basis during your shadow work journey

Final Thoughts

As you begin or continue your journey of shadow work this fall and winter, build up a crystal kit to aid you in the process. Meditate with different ones and see how they work for you in your personal process of shadow work. You may find certain crystals help you better than others.

Many blessings and best of luck on your shadow work journey!

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