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Crystals for Spirit Work

Crystals for Spirit Work

The Rose Craft's Guide to Crystals

There is general consensus that the veils between the worlds thin near Samhain. While some witches work with spirits all year round, many do find that working with them during this time of year becomes easier because of that thinning veil. If you are wanting to work with and enhance your spirit work, here are some good crystals and stones that might be good to add to your collection and altar.


Celestite is one of the number one crystals for communicating with your angelic guides and guardians and higher spirit guides. It helps connect to the higher divine realms and brings peace and serenity into one’s life.

If you are looking for a way to better open up and listen to angels, try celestite.


Smoky Quartz

Sometimes we just need a bit of spiritual protection when hopping into working with new spirits. Smoky Quartz is one of the better protective crystals for this as it still allows energy into your space. It is a spiritually protective and grounding crystal that will also help manifest the spiritual into the physical realm. This can help enhance your clair abilities when trying to sense the spirits you are working with.



An overall spiritually and psychically enhancing crystal, Amethyst is another good one to use when you are doing spirit work. It will protect and help in connecting to divine energies allowing you to connect to angels, spirit guides, and deities.



While often associated with psychic protection, the various obsidians are also excellent for aiding in spirit communication. Black Obsidian mirrors are great for scrying and connecting with spirits. Snowflake Obsidian can help with communicating with loved ones who have passed away. Mahagony Obsidian can help remove unwanted energies from your space that might have come in when doing spirit work. The various Sheen Obsidians (i.e. Rainbow, Peacock, Gold, and Silver) can help with various levels of spirit communication and protection. 



Labradorite makes a great crystal for spirit work as it will not only help increase your psychic abilities, enhancing your communication, but also providing protection. Labradorite is one of the most magical crystals out there on the market. It can help on many levels of psychic development making spirit work easier regardless of how thin the veil is at the time.


Final Thoughts

Spirit work can be a fun and enriching practice in your path, but it isn't for everyone. Some folks just want to protect their energy during this time of year from the spirits that seem to more freely walk the lands. So set up your protective wards and carry around protective crystals and amulets to keep your safe. And for those that do enjoy and find enrichment in spirit work, gather your tools and say hello to your spirits this Samhain season. Don't forget to leave an offering too!

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