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Crystals for Taurus Season

Crystals for Taurus Season

The Rose Craft’s Guide to Crystals

We have recently shifted into Taurus season and with that comes some interesting energetic shifts as the world around us begins to come more alive. Each shift from one sun sign to the next brings its own unique energies. Some chaotic and tumultuous, others a bit more subtle and calming. Some individuals might find some zodiac seasons more challenging than others because of their unique birth charts.

If you happen to be sensitive to this particular season’s energies, this may be the crystal guide for you. Here we will explore some crystals that will help you survive the season if the energies are too much for you or ones that will help you better connect to its energies.

So let’s take a dive into this earth sign’s seasonal energies.

Taurus Season Energy

Taurus season begins around April 20th each year and lasts until about May 20th. It is the second sign of the zodiac wheel coming right after the start of our Zodiac year with Aries.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is a fixed Earth sign. As an Earth sign, this sign is often seen as very grounded and calm and patient; and like many Earth signs, Taurus enjoys the simple pleasures of life and are very hardworking and focused on the everyday physical realm. As a fixed sign, it is the middle sign of a particular season and thus usually acknowledges the themes of stability but it can be highly stubborn. Often slow to anger, Taurus can be quite aggressive when threatened. Venus rules the realms of love, sensuality, and pleasure.

With all these in combination, Taurus season energy is often about settling into the energy of the spring season. It is a time to take a breather after the more chaotic and on the go energy of Aries season. You might find yourself working harder than in the past weeks and enjoying your time being more domestic. You may be more focused on straightforward and reliable approaches to getting your goals met. If you have been neglecting your self-care in the past, Taurus season is a good time to rework your self-care routine and take care of your physical body.

However, you may at times find the slow pace of Taurus energy slogging you down too much. You may also find yourself much more stubborn than usual or you might even overindulge in your favorite pleasures. You even might get tunnel vision during this time.

Crystals for the Season

You might find that you want to ease some of the unwanted effects of this season or that you want to enhance the more desirable ones. So here are some crystals that can help over the next few weeks of Taurus energy.


Jade can bring a nice harmony and balance to Taurus seasonal energy. It is protective and helps curb excess. If you find yourself overindulging in the simple pleasures this season, wear or carry jade with you to bring a little more balance to your life.


Another good stone to carry this Taurus season is rhodonite with its soothing energies. It is a very grounding stone while also helping with compassion and healing emotional wounds. This may be a good one if you find yourself working on your self-care routine.



Sometimes the pace of Taurus season is a little slow and you might just need the energy to pick up just a bit. Carnelian is a lively and energetic crystals just for this. It stimulates creativity and helps one get out their shell periodically and maintain a practical outlook.



The stable energy of Taurus season may make things just a bit easier to manifest and if you enjoy the material things, pyrite can help you manifest it more. Known as Fool's Gold, it is a great crystal for manifesting wealth and fortune into you life.


Lapis Lazuli

If the energy of this season makes you feel a bit too reserved and closed off, maybe carrying around lapis lazuil will help you open up with your communication skills. It is also a stone of truth and can help you speak truths without coming off too bluntly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this season may be a perfect time to focus on your physical body and staying grounded, but you may find yourself during Taurus season struggling with slow movement and over-indulgences.
Take some time to gather your favorite crystals about you to create the perfect Taurus season survival kit and you will make it through!

What are your favorite crystals for making it through Taurus season?


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