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Fall Shopping Guide

Fall Shopping Guide

Supply Ideas for Witches in Autumn

Fall is a time when many a witch and pagan truly comes alive. If you have struggled over the year to really feel your magic, this time of the year often brings a good influx of witchy vibes to reawaken some of your magic before the dormancy of winter starts to kick in.

You may find it is a good time to refresh your altar and supplies as the spooky season begins to kick into gear and inspiration abounds. Here you will find a list of some things you might want to add to your collection and supplies.


There are many great crystals that you might want to add to your collection during this time of year. Rather than suggest a specific crystal, here are some crystal shapes that may bring a new sense of energy to your altar for fall and Halloween.


One great crystal for this season is the sphere. Spheres offer a great gentle energy to infuse in your space. They make excellent focal points for meditation and magic. If you enjoy crystal scrying, spheres are an excellent choice for this. While clear, smoky, black, or other translucent crystal may be best for some, any material sphere can trigger clairvoyant visions if it speaks to you.

Shop Spheres Here.


Another great crystal shape for fall and Halloween season is the skull. Crystals carved into skull shapes can make excellent focal points for spirit work, mediumship, and death work for some witches. They are symbols of both life and death and can be useful in healing work and psychic development. Plus, they can make excellent Halloween and spooky associations.

Shop Crystal Skulls Here.


As a bookworm, I always say yes to more books. Here are some that may make good additions to your collection this fall that can also help enhance your personal practice.

2023 Sabbats Almanac

The Llewellyn Sabbats Almanac come out every year but they actually start with the Witches’ New Year of Samhain. So right now is the perfect time to pick up the 2023 Sabbats Almanac! This Almanac breaks down each of the eight Sabbats into several articles starting with a general article about the holiday, an article relating to the astrological events during the season, specific tales and traditions celebrated during this time, recipes of foods to make for your feast, a craft to make, and a ritual. This year also adds in a color magic section discussing the color associations for the sabbat.

Get your copy today or at our next market before Samhain rolls around!

Shop Almanac Here.

Spirit Work and Ancestors

As the veil begins to thin closer and closer to Samhain, many pick up pace with their spirit work and ancestor work. You may want to consider some of the following books on the subject to enhance your practice.

Badass Ancestors

This groundbreaking book shows you how to work with different types of ancestors to find, develop, and celebrate the personal power of your inner badass. By embracing the strength of your lineage—both blood relatives and those chosen by the heart—you can receive wisdom and guidance when you need it the most.

Shop Here.

Honoring Your Ancestors

Ancestor veneration is one of the most widespread spiritual practices in the world. This book shares the important distinctions between working with blood ancestors, lineage ancestors, and affinity ancestors while helping you recognize the signs that your ancestors are responding to your petitions and offerings. You will also explore important topics like mediumship and ancestral trauma so you can be sure to develop a veneration practice that's uplifting and affirming for you.

Shop Here.

Altar Supplies

Maybe you have had the same set up for awhile or are just getting started with your altar space, you may want to take a look at some of these ideas for your seasonal altar.

Shop Altar Cloths and Tables Here.

Shop Statues Here.

Tarot and Oracle

Whether it is your first deck or twentieth, divination is a big part of the fall season for many witches and pagans. Here are some divination supplies that may be good to add into your collection this fall.

Woodburned Tarot Board

This doubles as not only an altar decoration, but a practical way to practice your divination game. This handcrafted board was made in collaboration with ShinyCraft and features woodburned rose and vine designs around a three card layout of “Situation”, “Obstacle”, and “Advice.”

Shop Here.

Pendulums and Pendulum Mats

If cards aren’t your thing, maybe a pendulum is the way to go. Try out this simple tool and read up on them in Richard Webster’s How to Use a Pendulum book and find a mat to guide your answers.

Shop Pendulums at our next market

Shop Mats and Books Here.

Dark Wood Tarot and Tarot of the Abyss

These two decks both have a fun darker vibe to them that can make excellent decks to read with to explore shadow work or just give the spooky vibe for your next tarot reading party.

Shop Tarot of the Abyss Here.

Shop Dark Wood Tarot Here.

Jewelry and Accessories

If you enjoy jewelry and fun adornments, it may be a good time to check out some of our jewelry. We have crystal bracelets and several fun necklaces and rings. Including a fun Black Tourmaline Bat created by YAMS Jewelry.

Shop Crystal Crowns at our next market event.

Shop Adornments Here.

Shop Black Tourmaline Bat Here.

Candles and Herbs

A nice warm candle can be a nice way to usher in the fall season. We are excited to be bringing in several new fun fall scents from Enchanted Botanicals in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those. But until then, check out some of these candles and other loose herbs for your magical home.

Mercury Retrograde Candle

We are currently in full Mercury Retrograde again, so pick up one of these candles to help you through this time.


Release Candle

Fall is a good time to practice letting go. Try out this candle for a simple ritual to release the things that no longer serve you.



Maybe you are just getting started or else you need to restock on some of your favorite herbs, but check them out here. Also, don’t forget something to burn them in!

Shop Herbs Here.

Shop Herb Incense Mixes Here.

Shop Burning Implements Here.

Final Thoughts

Fall is an excellent time to revive your witchcraft practice if it has been put on the back burner for awhile or to simple restock and redecorate your space for this amazing season of change and gratitude. What is your favorite witchcraft supply you like to use to revive your altar and practice?

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