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Fall Witch Tips

Fall Witch Tips

Magick Ideas for Autumn

Fall is prime time for witches. I don’t think I have ever met another witch who didn’t love Fall. For many of us, it is the start of spooky season culminating with the beloved Wheel of the Year holiday of Samhain.

As we slowly begin to transition into sweater season, here are some fun witch tips to keep the vibe going.

Enchanted Tea

While you can definitely drink tea all year, the cooler weather of fall makes it a particularly nice way to warm up and get cozy. Of course, tea is not the only hot beverage you can enchant during this time of year. If you are not a tea drinker, feel free to enchant your favorite beverage instead.

Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash  

If you have the inclination, make your own tea blend and select the components based on your intention. However, you can use a tea bag or a premade loose leaf tea mix for this. If you prefer another beverage, like hot chocolate, you can do the same. You can also do this with a drink made at your local coffee shop, just skip to the making process.

  • Decide on your enchantment intention
  • Gather your ingredients - ideal if you can match their purposes to your intention, but not necessary
  • Focus on your goal while prepping your beverage. This can be adding tea to your infuser, grinding your coffee, or opening a hot cocoa packet into your mug of choice
  • You might want to chant you intention as you add in your ingredients to drive home the enchantment
  • Select a special mug for your enchantment if you want too. I like to use a orange mug for a creative boost
  • If you are ordering a beverage, focus on your intention while you wait for it to finish
  • Brew your coffee or start boiling your water while focusing on water’s importance in this process and heat
  • If you want steamed/warmed milk (dairy or non-dairy), start that process now too
  • Once the water is heated to the appropriate temperature, or your coffee is brewed, pour it into your mug or cup and allow your tea to steep
  • Add your milk or creamer and any sweeteners you prefer. Always add with intention
  • When you beverage is finished brewing, steeping or being made, with all your additions, hold the mug or cup between your hands
  • Whisper into the rising steam your intention and then take a sip
  • Keep this in mind as you continue to drink it

Nature Walk

As the weather gets generally more comfortable, at least here in the midwest, during the fall season, it makes a great opportunity to go for walks more frequently. Take time, as the season begins to shift the color of the leaves, to really take in what this season is all about. Observe how the birds and animals behave. Watch how the flowers and plants change. Keep an eye out for the color shifts.

Take note of the various weather changes too. My personal favorite weather during this time is the misty, foggy mornings that are far more chilly and perfect for hot tea or coffee and meditation.

For those that can’t stand sweaty girl summer, fall is the best time to get out and connect with nature again.

Letting Go Ritual

The fall is a prime teacher for letting go and change. Trees change color and drop their leaves, leaving them behind to decay. A popular quote this time of year is “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” So why not try a ritual to let go of things from this past year?

  • Start this out with a meditation to begin thinking about what it is you need to let go
  • Then, write out all the things that you feel are holding you back
  • Your list may be short or long
  • Fold your list and light it on fire
  • Announce that you are releasing the things on the list, letting them go so that you can prosper and grow again next year
  • Place it in a burning bowl or cauldron to burn safely down, or put it in an outdoor fire
  • If you can’t burn it, cut the paper into pieces and toss in the trash
  • Immediately dispose of the trash outside in the appropriate bin for garbage pick up
  • You might also decide to write your list out on fallen leaves to burn or let them blow away outside instead
  • When you burn, trash, or let your list blow away on leaves, feel those things dropping away from you, like leaves and leaving you free to grow again

 Photo by Annie Nyle on Unsplash

Re-up Your Home Protection

Fall may be a good time to re-up on your home protection magick. Many believe that as we edge closer to Samhain, the veil between worlds gets thinner and thinner and spirit activity increases. Family gatherings sometimes also start to increase as the holiday season draws near. So why not take some time to freshen up your home wards.

Add Sigils to Your Clothes

Sweater weather is a great time to add some magick to your wardrobe. Adding sigils or runes to your clothes can help with protecting your energy or bringing in a specific type of energy into your life.

  • Design out or find a sigil that meets your needs. Runes are appropriate for this or you can even pick a single word and write it in your preferred magical alphabet.
  • The following list is just a few possible ideas for items and a sigil to use with them:
    • Scarves with a warmth or invisibility sigil
    • Sweater with a warmth, protection, or confidence sigil
    • Hat or ear muff with sigil for warmth or focus
    • Hoodie with protection or calming sigil
    • Wool socks with a sigil for warmth, connection, or endurance
  • If you have the inclination, sew your design into your item of clothing
  • If you can’t sew, use a marker to draw the sigil or word in the location you feel best
  • Some places to sew or draw your design:
    • Sleeve cuff
    • Tag
    • Back of neck/collar
    • Pocket
  • You sigil can be visible or hidden, up to you and depending on the purpose
  • If you want it to be temporary, be sure to use a marker that will wash off

 Photo by Annie Nyle on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

There are many things to do to bring more magick into your life this Autumn season. See what you find to be the most fun and stimulating to your craft and try it out. Let us know what your favorite way to enhance your fall magick.

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