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First Year Anniversary Reflections!

First Year Anniversary Reflections!

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago, on October 31st of 2020, we opened our metaphorical shop doors of our online business. We just celebrated our first anniversary of our business and are so very grateful to all our customers over this past year and all the support we have had from family and friends.

it has been a surreal experience and one we are both so happy to be a part of together.

Our business started a few months before Halloween last year with all the necessary legalities taken care of, but we didn't open our shop up until Halloween last year. It was a fun experience to share with our coven members. We had been planning for several months and finally were able to make our website live and share our products and experiences on our social media pages.

Pictured above is Danielle and Cassie toasting with champagne at our Halloween opening in 2020.

We started out with hosting periodic online live sales via Facebook and Instagram the first several months of our business to show off our crystals. We hosted several specials on our site for Small Business Saturday weekend as well as starting a rewards program for returning customers.

As the new year began, we began seeking out the chance to attend live market events and festivals. Our first one in March at Black Circle Market was so cold and chilly, but we were floored with the turnout. Nothing is more exciting for online business owners than to be able to meet customers face to face at events like those.

We began signing up for more events like the Pendleton Highway 38 Sale and the Market on the Pennsy. We even joined a grand opening market event for 3 Crows Conjure with similar businesses. The summer got busy so quickly and it was so fun to get a chance to meet new and returning faces.

As the summer faded into fall, we got signed up for a few more markets including Handpicked Market at the Irvington Lodge and we were so lucky to get the chance to also get into the Irvington Halloween Festival!

What a way to celebrate our one-year anniversary!

Pictured above is our booth from the Irvington Halloween Festival with our amazing helpers.

On top of our markets, we had the opportunity to collaborate and work with several local businesses and artisans.

We got the chance to collaborate with Jennifer Meeker Art to carry unique and exclusive witchy mugs for our shop. We started working with YAMS Jewelry to carry beautiful crystal necklaces. And we got the chance to carry a small selection of our crystals at a local plant shop with Hannah at the Urban Houseplant Collective at her Irving Theater location.

And we were lucky enough to be able to start offering classes. While this process is taking some time to work out how frequently we will have workshops and classes, we are extremely grateful to Bethany Quinn for offering her space to us to host out classes. So stayed tuned for our next year, as I am sure we'll start adding more classes for you to enjoy.

And we couldn't have done any of it without the support of our amazing family and friends. Without the help of Cassie's husband, brother and sister-in-law some of our market events would have been way more overwhelming. Having extra hands to unpack and pack products at the beginning and end of markets and to set up tables and tents was so invaluable. So thank you a thousand times for all your help.

And thank you, our lovely customers!

Without you, we would not be here today. Your purchases and support help us be able to find more beautiful crystals and products for you.

We love being able to offer our products and services to you all. It is so empowering to be able to open and run and continue to maintain this business for you are customers.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is to our first year in business!

And here is to the next year!

And here is to many more beyond.

Many blessings to you all! <3

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