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Llewellyn's 2021 Almanacs

Llewellyn's 2021 Almanacs

Why you should have at least one in your collection!

Are you looking for a way to maybe up your game and spice things up in your magical practice this year? It may be a good time to consider adding a magical almanac to your collection this year.

Our shop has several magical almanacs to choose from, but it can be difficult to decide. Check out our reviews below to get an idea of which one will be the best for you to try this year.

Maybe you need one of each. :)

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So what is an Almanac?

An almanac is an annually published handbook containing important dates and information like meteorological and astronomical data for the upcoming year. The most well known almanacs are The Farmer’s Almanac and The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

However, there are several witchcraft and pagan oriented almanacs out there as well. The three we’ll talk about today are Llewellyn’s Sabbats Almanac, Magical Almanac, and Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac. These are not Llewellyn's only three almanacs, as they do publish an Herbal Almanac and almanac-style planners each year as well.

Sabbats Almanac

Llewellyn’s Sabbats Almanac is an almanac that contains rituals, crafts, recipes, folklore, and spell information for each of the eight Wheel of the Year Sabbats. It begins with Samhain as the pagan/witch new year and runs through Mabon. Each year’s edition has a variety of writers who contribute articles for each Sabbat celebration.

This year’s almanac is full of great recipes for each Sabbat, rituals that are great for solitary practitioners but can be easily adapted to groups and covens, and fun craft ideas. Each edition also covers astrological information for the current year around the time of the Sabbat.

For me, the Sabbats Almanac has provided a lot of fun recipes to try and share with my coven, rituals I can adapt for each holiday to avoid recycling stale old rituals that may not have been working as well, and fun crafts to do. I like the fact that most of the information is applicable year after the year like the recipes and crafts.

That being said, the only time-sensitive sections of the yearly almanac are the Cosmic Sway sections that give specific details about the astrological data that  play a role in the current year's Sabbat. On days I am really into astrology, this is useful. But on other days, I barely consider it.

On the whole though, the Sabbats Almanac is one of my favorites of Llewellyn’s Almanacs. It provides new recipes and rituals each year, but still remains applicable year after year.

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Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day Almanac begins on January 1st each year and gives a short spell for each day. Each spell is categorized into one of twenty-two types of spells; like healing, protection, or travel. Some of these are meditations, others are candle spells, and others are just simple activities to perform. There is also general lore at the start of each month as well.

Each day includes pertinent information regarding the spell. Information includes the spell’s type, moon phase and sign information, a color and incense of the day, and the author’s name who created the spell.

I got this almanac the first time last year, excited to try and do a different spell everyday. Most of the spells are simple enough that you don’t need many ingredients or tools to perform them. I would spend some time in the beginning looking ahead at any supplies I would need for the week ahead to prepare.

I unfortunately got overwhelmed with life and only occasionally used it. But I do enjoy the vast variety of spells this almanac includes. In some cases, not every spell was one that I was really interested in performing, so it was easy to take a break and just skip it.

Overall, the Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac is a fun guide to daily spells and rituals that you can perform to add a little spice to your daily magical practice. Not every spell will be fit for your arsenal, but it is a fun way to try new spells that don't take a lot of time to perform.

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Magical Almanac

Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac is one I have purchased many times over the years and enjoy each year’s edition.

Each edition features different writers whose articles are broken down into the four elements. Some articles include rituals to perform or crafts to make. Others are just informational.

Each edition begins with articles pertaining to Earth Magic before moving on to Air Magic. The middle of the handbook dives into the core almanac that includes the calendar of lunar phases and moon signs, color and incense of the day, and holidays and festivals from different cultures. After the calendar completes the book jumps into the articles again with a section on Fire Magic and a section on Water Magic.

Each edition then ends with a Coloring Magic section. This section provides a list of color correspondences and one or two spells or rituals to perform that involve coloring. Older editions did not necessarily have this coloring section but the recent editions have.

The Magical Almanac is probably my favorite of the almanacs because the articles are very useful year after year. I have held on to all my previous Magical Almanacs and will search occasional for an article I previously that is applicable to what I need to work on in my practice today.

The only information that goes out-of-date is the middle almanac section, but during the year itself, it can be an excellent way to keep track of moon phases and signs without having to check online.

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Regular Price: $14.99

Sale Reminder!

Currently these 2021 Llewellyn Almanacs are on sale in our shop for 50% off!

The discount will apply once you add an almanac to your cart, so no codes to remember at all!

Even though we are nearing the end of February, these almanacs can still be useful for the rest of the year and into the years beyond.

Supplies are low and after they are sold, we won’t have any more of the 2021 almanacs.

If you miss your chance, have no fear. We’ll get the 2022 Almanacs in the fall.

Which one do you need to add to your collection?

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