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Create a Magickal Morning Ritual

Create a Magickal Morning Ritual

7 Ways of Bringing Magick into Your Everyday Life

Witchcraft is not a spectator sport. It is a practice and a participatory activity that is full of experimentation. For some, that participation happens with elaborate rituals at the full moon, Wheel of the Year holidays, or when the need arises. For others, it may be an everyday activity of small but meaningful rituals.

If you are seeking to find ways of bringing in magic into your daily life without elaborate rituals or too much hubbub, this post will outline a few ways and ideas of bringing your magic into a magical morning ritual to get your day started magically.

Before You Get Started

Everyone’s morning routine will be different. It is important to remember that your routine and the way you bring magic into your morning ritual does not have to look like anyone else’s. These are just some ideas of things you can do to start your own magical morning ritual if you don’t already have one or things you might want to add to your already established routine.

Feel free to ignore the ideas that don’t suit you and feel free to adapt others so that they suit your personal practice more. You may want to make some things more elaborate and others more simple. Consider how much time you can dedicate in the morning as well. Some of these can be adapted into normal morning routines while others take more time and you will either need to try to get up earlier to dedicate time to them or consider them as part of an evening routine instead.

These can also happen in any order that works for you too. You may find starting with one idea is better than another or you might experiment with the order and inclusion or exclusion of certain tasks. Again, make it suit your personal goals and practice.

Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations, and Prayers

One of the first things you might want to consider adding to your morning ritual is a short morning meditation or visualization practice. Starting your day with prayer, meditation, affirmations, and/or visualization can be a good way to get you in the right headspace to meet the rest of the day.

Meditations you can try for the morning could involve simply focusing on your breath or you can go deeper and take a quick journey to meet a spirit guide or a deity. You may use your meditation to visualize a protective energy field around you if you know your day may end up being hectic and where you’ll be around energy you would rather than get attached to. You may choose to meditate on balancing your energy to get the day started right.

Paired with meditation, you can spend time visualizing the way your day will go. You might visualize your energy field staying in balance. You might visualize what you want to manifest for the day. Hold and focus on the steps leading up to the outcome and the outcome itself.

You may then want to add some affirmations to this too. Affirmations in general are a great way to start the day with magical intent. You might want to write them out the night before or have one to focus on for the whole lunar cycle to manifest your intentions and the changes you want to see in your life. Be sure they are phrased in the positive and avoid negatives (example: “I will get my work done on time today” rather than “I will not procrastinate.”)

Finally, you may want to say a prayer to any spirits or deities you work with. Morning prayers are a good way to start your day if you cannot dedicate more time to meditation or other practices. The prayer could request aid with your to-do list or protecting your energy. It could also be geared toward showing gratitude and honor to spirits you might work with. You can check out A Book of Pagan Prayers in the shop to get some ideas of prayer you might use in your practice.


For some people, journaling can help get the day started. You can pull out a pen and a blank notebook or sheet of paper and just ramble on for five minutes to get your thoughts out on paper before the day begins. While this doesn’t seem super magical, you can make it so. Light a candle and set the intention to get your head uncluttered so that the rest of your day can begin. You can make sure your space is set up to make it more magical too. Have crystals around for focus. Have your tea or coffee at hand. Take a few deep breaths before you begin and write with intention.

You may find journaling in the morning is a time to plan your day or write down your dreams from the night before. Maybe some insight came in your sleep about something you have been studying in your practice or a trouble that has been bothering you. You may use this time to journal about your meditation you just had or an oracle card you just pulled. You might use your book of shadows for this journaling or a separate journal dedicated to morning musings.

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Study Time

If you have time, you might consider taking time in the morning to do a little magickal studying. Grab one of your books you have been studying that is on witchcraft, healing, crystals, herbs, paganism, etc., and read a few pages. If you can’t read a whole chapter, that is fine. Read a little bit of what you can dedicate time for. You might only ready two pages or a small section. Consider taking some notes afterwards or journal about your thoughts.

This is a great way to take time to read through your stack of witchcraft books if you have been struggling to find the time. You don’t have to try to read huge chunks at a time, but just a little a day can start to put a dent into your magical-books-to-be-read list.

Bathing Magic

While not everyone showers or baths in the morning (some prefer evening showers/baths), you might consider taking some time to add magic to your bathing ritual. In the evening, you can focus on the water cleansing your body and aura of any negative energy debris you picked up. In the morning you can do the same, especially if you had a bad nightmare, you’ll want to focus on the nightmare going down the drain.

But other ways to incorporate magic into a morning bathing ritual is to charge and enchant your beauty and bathing products. Say a short incantation when you pull out your shampoo and conditioner. You can say something that encourages clear thinking for the day as you massage your scalp. You can chant as you wash your body with your body wash or soap to bring good things in. You could even make your own bath oil to add to your loofah and body wash for glamor or confidence magick.

You can enchant your face wash and skincare products with sigils as well. Consider the intent you want to bring when you are getting ready and create a sigil to draw on the containers. You may want to say an incantation while putting on makeup too.

This kind of daily magic can require a little more forethought, but once implemented, it can be as easy as just consciously thinking of your intention when pulling the product out to use. You can even add bath and body products like the ones in our shop that were made with magical intent!

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Tea, Coffee, and Water

Many of us start our day with something to drink. Add some magickal intention to your drink in the morning by repeating an affirmation or incarnation as you are preparing it or about to take your first sip.

If you prefer tea, consider the tea selection. Spend time studying the magical properties of different tea blends and you can make mixes in the morning to suit your daily intention. Coffee can give you an immediate caffeine pick me up and you can use your intention to encourage that throughout the day.

If you add sweeteners or cream to your morning beverage of choice be conscious of the additions. Sweeteners can make your intention easier to swallow. Cream or the milk of your choice might add its own magical properties.

Stir clockwise to bring your intention into your life and stir counterclockwise to banish something from your life.

You might consider using your morning drink as an offering to your spirits and gods. This can be a time to sit with them as you drink mindfully in the morning. Think about them and talk with them as you drink, inviting them to join you. This can help strengthen your bond with your spirits.

If you don’t drink tea or coffee, you might drink water instead (or in addition too). You can similarly offer it to your spirits or you can add a water safe crystal to the glass to infuse it with the crystal properties to fortify you for the day. You might simply use it to toast to the day ahead. Or you may want to infuse it with healing energy like reiki (something that can be done with your tea or coffee too). You might use sigils beneath the glass to charge it with magical intent too.

Daily Oracle or Tarot

For beginner and advanced diviners and card readers, pulling a daily oracle or tarot card is a good way to keep up practice with your tarot and oracle cards. If you can make the time, pull a single card every morning and keep it in a prominent space on your altar.

You might pull a card requesting advice for the day. Or you might pull a card with the intention that you are trying to get to know your cards so it can serve as a focal card. You may want to journal about the card you pulled immediately or you might wait until the evening to reflect on how the card manifested in your day.

As you continue the practice you might eventually choose to pull two or three cards instead of one. You can find different two and three card spreads out there for these. Or you might consider one of our books on Tarot to guide your morning card draw.

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Select Crystals for the Day

Finally, you might use your morning ritual to take time to select a crystal or two to take with you during the day. If you have a big collection you might select a handful to lay out and see what you get most drawn to intuitively. Or you might use a pendulum to ask which to take along in your pocket, bra, or a pouch. Or you might select based on its properties and what you feel you will need for the day ahead.

Once selected, either by intuition or other means, you might consider reading about its properties if you are unfamiliar with it. Make note in your journal about the crystals you are taking with you. If it is one that is water safe, you might add it to your water bottle for the day.

You might even spend a quick moment to hold the crystal(s) in your hand and project your intention into it. This can help manifest those energies more easily into your life.

Final Thoughts

A magical morning routine can help you get your day started on the right foot. Bringing magic into your life can be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning with intention, or as detailed as doing everything you can fit into your routine on a daily basis.

Take time to consider adding something magical into your daily routine. Even turning something you do everyday, like brushing your teeth, into a magical moment can help bring magic into your daily life in simple and meaningful ways.

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