New Altar Decor!

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Shop Our New Decor Today!

Whether starting out with a brand new altar space or you need to find just the right item for your already established space, here are some new finds in the shop today for you to check out!


Trinket Boxes!

We have a selection of beautiful new boxes to hold your trinkets, crystals, and smaller altar supplies.

Here is a hinged Mother Earth Box!

If you are a follower of Cernunnos, you might want to snag one of these lidded arched boxes!

Perhaps you are looking for something smaller that speaks to the trinket collecting crow in you? This round, lidded Raven Box is a great option!

If corvids aren't your thing, then maybe this Tree of Life Box will be more your speed.

Other New (and old) Decor

We have a nice selection of mortar and pestles in the shop including a few wood options like this Simple Wooden Morter and Pestle!

Here is its counterpart, the Wooden Pentacle Mortar and Pestle to show off you faith.

But maybe you are looking for something to add a little height to your altar while providing some storage. This new to the shop item may be just right for you. It is a Pentagram Step Chest of Drawers is a beautiful and practical option to add to your space!

We also have some gorgeous wall plaques for those of you that don't have space on an altar top but want to decorate to fill your space with the vibes of your faith. This Wheel of the Year Plaque is a great one for keeping track of the seasonal holidays you are focusing on!

Whatever your decor needs are, we might have just the right thing for you. Check out more altar decor in our Collection: Sacred Space, to find what you need today!

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