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New Website Look!

New Website Look!

Every now and then you just need a fresh look to get the creativity flowing again. Well that is exactly the reason why we have updated the look of our online shop! Come take a look with us. We might just be a little obsessed with the new look.

If you haven’t yet explored the new look of our website, here is a quick visual tour.

New Banner looks so nice! There is a nice arched window look throughout that you will see. Plus this super fun font exudes magickal vibes!

Welcome to our shop! This little photoshoot was a fun day, by the way. We might need to plan another one. My hair has changed a few colors since then.

Here is that arched window look I was talking about! Matches our logo quite well. 😀

I am really digging the new banner and entire look of The Rose Craft Pages blog. I may need to go through and categorize these blogs so they are more easily searchable for you all. But this is much more aesthetically witchy than it was before.

And here is a look at one of our product pages. It is still a work in progress switching out all the images to updated ones, but it is coming along. There are quite a few goodies in this section of the website too. Go check out some of our crystals that are under $20 and get you some today!

Final Thoughts

The new look is definitely much more cohesive with the fact that we are a witchy business. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Let us know if anything is buggy or not working correctly so we can get things fixed as quickly as possible!

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