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Spring Witch Tips

Spring Witch Tips

Magic for Springtime

Spring is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere and as the days are getting longer (post equinox) the days are also starting to get warmer and new life is beginning to bloom and bud. It is a very magickal time of year that is perfect for casting spells and setting intentions for the season ahead.

Here are some tips and ideas to make your spring magickal.

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Spring Themes

Spring is a time of new life, growth, hard work, and new beginnings. It is a season where the days start to grow longer and warmer making it easier to start our gardens. New life is starting to bud. There are rapid changes and the world comes to life again after the dormancy of winter. You may choose to work with Spring energies in a number of ways for your magic and witchcraft.

One focus you may feel yourself drawn to is the idea of new beginnings. While some people choose to set intentions at the New Year, the Spring is the time when you can really begin to get things started. The time up to this point has been about planning. But now, you can finally start taking those first small steps on the course of new projects. This time of year you can center your magic on helping you start new projects and maintaining the energy throughout the rest of the year.

Another focus you might find yourself working through is the idea of planting seeds and starting the process of nurturing them. Spring is a time to till the garden and prepare it for the seeds you are about to plant and foster. This is the beginning of a long process that will take weeks or months to see the fruits of your labor, but it is a perfect metaphor for some of the long term magic and spellwork you may find yourself drawn to casting.

Growth is also a theme of spring. Spellwork for abundance and prosperity can be very beneficial this time of the year as things start to grow and continue to grow throughout the year.

Because it tends to rain a good deal during the spring in some areas which encourages more growth, you may find yourself exploring your emotions more. Collect rainwater for magical purposes and consider spellwork and magic that explores your intuition as well.

Spring Altar

I am a sucker for good altar setups for the holidays and seasons. It is a simple way to dress up your space and honor the seasonal changes.

Some of the following symbols and decor ideas may also work for an Ostara or Beltane altar as well.

Symbols and Decor

Eggs, flowers, tulips, pastel colors, yellow and bright green, sun imagery, rain and rainwater, flower buds, seeds and seedlings, rabbits, dirt, baby animals especially birds, bees, gardening items, chickens, ladybugs, snowdrops, umbrella, rainbows, flowering trees or trees with new buds, scents like mint and florals and petrichor, crystals for growth and new beginnings, etc.

Consider items on your altar that relate to a specific spring deity you may be working with. This could be a statue or just symbols associated with them.

When picking out the items for your altar, consider why they represent spring to you as well.

Spring Deities

There are a number of deities related to spring that you may consider building a relationship with. Some are as follows:

Cybele, Kore/Persephone, Demeter, Eostre, Freya, Flora, Eiar (Greek hora), deities of fertility and nature, Maia

Take time to study their lore and read about their associations with the season of spring or Ostara. Once you read the lore, consider reaching out to them in meditation and journeying work. Create space on the altar to represent them. Say prayers or petitions to them for their aid in your projects and activities..


Not all magic and witchcraft has to be spells, sigils and meditation. Sometimes it's just about having the intention to be in the season and soak in it. Try some of these activities to get into the spring spirit.


  • Bake or Cook
  • Read on a rainy day
  • Make and drink tea
  • Decorate
  • Start an exercise routine
  • Craft projects
  • Begin any new project
  • Spring cleaning and cleansing
  • Bless your home


  • Garden
  • Plant seeds
  • Take a walk
  • Go for a hike
  • Hunt for mushrooms
  • Start any outdoor maintenance projects
  • Watch outdoor wildlife and birds
  • Stand out in the rain
  • Go to the park
  • Just spend time outdoors
  • Listen to the birds sing

Spring Cleaning and Cleansing

Spring is a time many start major cleaning projects. Everything you have been hoarding energetically and physically over the winter needs to be released now. And with the warmer days, it is easier to open and air out the house. So consider taking the time this spring to get some magical spring cleaning and cleansing done.

Decluttering and Organizing

Unless you live a very minimalistic lifestyle, most of us collect and accumulate a lot of things over the years. Witches especially are known for our collections of empty jars and crystals. For some, having too much stuff can bog you down. It makes it easy to get distracted rather than staying focused on the things you need and want to do so it can be beneficial to declutter and reorganize your stuff now and then, especially in the spring.

The KonMari Method is one way of clearing out things that no longer bring you joy in your life. You can find some great resources online and the book is short enough to make it extremely easy to digest. It also offers organization techniques too once you declutter and purge some of your stuff.

Project 333 and Capsule Wardrobes are techniques specifically for clothing that may be helpful if you feel your closet is a specific problem you feel needs addressed.

If you find that crystals you have no longer vibe with your energy, see if a fellow witch or crystal enthusiast would like it. If you have spell components that are old you may want to toss them out, either outside or in the trash if they are not safe for the environment. If you have old spell jars that have run their course, bury them outside or dispose of them in the appropriate manner. Reorganize your materials and tools. Give away or recycle things you won’t use anymore. Restock any necessary components as well.

Physical Cleaning

Once you have decluttered, or before if it suits you better, get to physically cleaning your space. Dust everywhere. Wipe the floorboards. Sweep or vacuum your floors. Mop or use carpet cleaners. Scrub your bathroom down. Wash your sheets and towels. Clean out your fridge and wipe it down. Wash your windows and clean your blinds and window coverings. Clean everything.

Give yourself a few days for this process if you can. Dedicate the work to your spirits or deities to motivate you to complete things.


The process of physically cleaning starts the process of moving and releasing the stagnant energy that may have built up over the winter months. But once you feel you have sufficiently cleaned, you can take the time to more fully cleanse the space energetically. You can incorporate one or two of the following ideas or all of them if you want to go all out.

Get some cleansing water or washes like Florida Water or bless water with the intention to cleanse. Use this while physically cleaning or afterwards as a final step in your Spring Clean and Cleanse project. Sprinkle it around the room or wipe your walls and windows with it. Spray with cleansing sprays too if you feel compelled.

Smoke cleansing is another method of cleansing you may decide to use. Select the appropriate herbs for your practice like rosemary and common sage (both much more sustainable and less overcultivated than white sage). Go around room to room bringing the smoke through it. Say appropriate words if you feel compelled.

Open the windows as well. This lets in the new, fresh air of spring and lets out the stagnant indoor air from the winter.

Take cleansing crystals around the space or set them up in each room to serve as energy cleansers for the rest of the year. You may also find leaving a bowl of salt in the room to absorb negative or stagnant energies can help.

Also consider using a banishing pentagram in each room as well to get rid of any unwanted energies. This is useful either at the beginning or end of your cleansing process.

And finally, utilize some visuation to sweep up and remove any remaining energies that need cleared out. Violet or white light can be useful for this. Reiki symbols can also be helpful in clearing the energy. Calling upon deities, spirits, or angels you work with to clear the space is useful as well.


While this isn’t entirely necessary, I have always found that it was useful to bless the space after cleansing. This may simply take the form of ringing a bell to bring in good energy or playing upbeat music to inspire you. Others may choose to call in spirits or deities to bless the space to be harmonious or a safe space energetically and physically. When done, your space will feel fresh and ready for all the projects you may be starting.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a time many of us come alive again. We feel inspired by the lengthening daylight hours and warmer weather. We are more motivated and ready to get things done mundanely and magically. So if you feel inspired, get started on that new project and get started on planting your literal and metaphorical seeds.



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