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Storm Witchery

Storm Witchery

3 Ways to Use Weather in Your Witchcraft

Here in the good Ol’ Midwest, spring weather changes also trigger storm season with thunderstorms, high winds, and even tornadoes. As witches, this can be incredibly potent energy to harness and use in our witchcraft.

Whether you are storm loving witch or you simply want to utilize the energy of spring storms in your magic, here are a few ways to use this type of energy.

Storm Water

One fairly simple way of harnessing the energy of storms is to collect Storm Water. Simply set out a bowl or bucket outside during a storm to collect rainwater. I like using a clear glass bowl for this. Be sure to place your bowl where it won’t knock over or break. Collect the bowl after the storm and pour it into a vessel with a lid. You can always use a glass mason jar to collect the water as well and then skip the whole process of pouring it elsewhere. Label your container as “Storm Water” and consider adding the date of collection as well.

Use your Storm Water to consecrate your tools, crystals, or yourself. Use the water around your home as a protective barrier. You can also sprinkle around your garden to protect it. You can consecrate your jewelry to aid in protection from curses. Or you can also use storm water to empower curses or hexes you write and send out. Use in ritual baths to empower yourself and give yourself a good boost of energy. Also use in spell work to empower it and make it more potent.

Storm Water vs. Rain Water

Storm water is collected and empowered by the energy of thunderstorms and not just rain showers. Storm water is more potent because of the electrical energy running through it that supercharges it. Rain Water can definitely be collected and useful in your magic as well though. It is generally more gentle and cleansing than storm water which is powerfully energetic and potentially devastating.

Use rain water for cleansing, consecrating your tools and crystals, and use in bath water for a gentle cleansing and healing ritual.

You can use various waters collected for scrying purposes as well.

Knot Magic

A common feature to knot magic was meant to bind winds and storms with a series of knots in a cord. This can be a fairly simple form of magic.

You will need a length of cord. This can be embroidery floss, yarn, hemp, jute cord, ribbon, raffia, etc. Whatever you have of sufficient length. A good length to allow you enough room for all the knots is about nine to thirteen inches. Pick a color appropriate to the weather you are trying to capture and bind to your cord or just use what you have on hand.

Some versions of this knot magic put three knots in. Others nine or even up to thirteen. Find the version that feels right and use the chant associated with each knot as you begin the spell to bind winds or storm energy to your cord. For binding winds, make sure it’s a windy day. If you are looking for storm energy, do this during a storm. If you just want more mellow rain energy, do it then. You can also do this during sunny days or cloudy days.

Tie the appropriate number of knots and chant during each knot you make. When you are done, keep the cord of knots where you can find it to release the energy when you need it. Untie one knot at a time to release the energy during spellwork or when looking to shift the weather a bit. If you make several of these cords, make sure you know which one is for storms versus just winds.

Weather Divination

If weather and storm magic becomes more of a calling to you, you might want to take time to practice some weather prediction divination. Folklore has been around for years regarding the prediction and forecasting of weather. And yes, meteorology is the scientific form of this nowadays, but there are still things our ancestors noticed that can be amazing predictors of incoming storms.

Begin by observing the natural world around you. Ever notice animals' behaviors changing right before a storm? Make notes. Look up folklore associated with these behaviors and look for them. Compare to see if the local meteorologist is forecasting similar weather. Again take notes and come back to them to note if it came true or was verified by the weather forecast in your area.

Also consider trying to read your cards or scry with storm water during a storm. Take down notes about whether you felt more empowered or distracted during the reading or scrying attempt. You may find yourself much more empowered and accurate during your readings or you might find things too volatile and changeable.

Final Thoughts

Stormy weather can be volatile, frightening, and destructive. But it is a part of the natural cycle and can be a highly powerful form of energy to try and harness for your magic. If you feel a call to try and work with the energy of storms, try one of the above techniques and let us know how they work for you!

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