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The Coven Collection Mugs

The Coven Collection Mugs

A Look At Our Exclusive Jennifer Meeker Art Mugs

If you have spent some time exploring our shop or have followed us a bit on social media, you may have seen the appearance of a couple special ceramic mug designs. These pieces were a fun collaboration between Jennifer Meeker Art and us here at The Rose Craft, to bring witchy-inspired mugs to you. Today, we take a moment to really highlight and show off these beautifully functional works of art and the artist herself.

Title Card Image of Jennifer Meeker and Mug

About the Artist

Jennifer Meeker Art was founded in 2012 and is run by its namesake Jennifer Meeker. Born and raised in Indiana, Jennifer has always had a passion for nature and creating art. As she grew up creating more art, she received several recognitions and accolades from her high school and hometown that inspired her to pursue a career in art, eventually leading her to Herron School of Art where she focused her artistic passions on photography and ceramics.

What Jennifer Says:

“After graduating from art school in 2010, I knew I wanted to make a career out of my art. I soon went to a local art fair and became interested in how it seemed to be a good source of making income and reaching a large audience. I was then working as a waitress full time, while trying to develop my business over the next few years, attending as many art fairs in the tri-state area as possible. I was still working on my vision and growth for the style and design of my work until it really started to develop in 2014 when my work was inspired by my time spent outdoors with an industrial edge. Then in 2015 I was able to go full time with my business and expand it even further beyond selling my work at art fairs. Over the last year, I had to switch my business to having a much larger online presence and teaching lessons. Now I am still full time, creating work for custom orders, small businesses, online sales, and at in person events.”

Image of Jennifer Meeker in tie-dye overalls and yellow beanie in her studio

Jennifer’s Work

Jennifer creates unique porcelain ceramics with an industrial edge that are inspired from her time spent outdoors. She creates mugs, vases, bowls, planters, and many other functional pieces of art, including various custom commissioned pieces.

Each piece and each collection of hers is inspired in some way from what she has seen out in nature. In particular, many pieces are inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, like a tree from near her childhood home that was covered in various metal objects.

What Jennifer Says:

“I love to spend time outdoors through backpacking, hiking, gardening, or even a simple picnic in the park. I find that I seem to connect with the outdoors and am fascinated with the beauty it can create and the calming of my mind. I love to be able to recreate that feel through my work by mimicking not only what I see,  but the textures and colors, into functional porcelain ceramic pieces.”

About the Coven Collection Mugs

As we were starting The Rose Craft, one of our goals was to feature unique handmade pieces from local artists, pagans, and witches. We knew Jennifer from our coven and knew of her work and how amazing it would be to work with her to create a functional piece of art that other pagans and witches might enjoy that wasn’t so mass-produced. Thus began our collaboration.

Jennifer was able to take our vision and passions for crystals and witchy-things and put her own artistic twist to them. She was able to create small crystal clusters and a pentagram that looked like sticks to incorporate onto the two styles of mugs we now carry. Crafting the shapes of each mug to be unique and fun pieces of fully functional yet very artistic mugs, Jennifer was able to take our vision and make it a reality.

Today, we have the Crystal Magic Mug and the Pentagram Cauldron Mug! Both pieces are made food-safe and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. However, due to the delicacy of the features of these mugs, we do recommend handwashing.

Here is a closer look at these Coven Collection Mugs.

Crystal Magic Mug

This mug is a simple, yet beautiful mug featuring a ceramic crystal cluster at the top of the handle. It features a glitter glaze on the outside, reminiscent of the spark of crystals, and a purple glaze inside the mug and on the crystal, reminiscent of amethyst. It is shaped for your hands to comfortably cup it. Perfect for any of your witchy brews, this mug brings just a bit of sparkle and light to your life.

Price: $48

Buy Here

Pentagram Cauldron Mug

The Pentagram Cauldron Mug resembles a shiny metallic cauldron and a ceramic stick pentagram. The pentagram was created with thin pieces of porcelain clay, carved lightly to resemble real sticks and painstakingly placed in a star shape. The mug itself is more squat than the Crystal Magic Mug, and glazed in a shiny black metallic glaze to resemble a small cauldron with feet. It is a fun mug to make you feel like you are drinking your brews from your cauldron.

Price: $65.00

Buy Here

Jennifer Meeker Art Ceramics Logo of a drawn tree stump and hands molding clay

Jennifer Meeker Art Logo designed by RLKDesigned

Where to Find Jennifer Meeker Art

Jennifer is a very talented ceramic artist and can be found at various places on the internet. If you are interested in checking out the rest of her work and following her on social media, you can find her at the following places: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Etsy, YouTube and Google. Simply type Jennifer Meeker Art into your search and you will find her.

You can check out her website at

Jennifer Meeker Art will be at several art festivals this year and her list of shows will be updated monthly on her website.

You can also find her work in several shops and stores around the country. Listed Here.

Final Thoughts

We are very excited to have these handmade functionally artistic mugs in our shop for you all. As time goes on, the Coven Collection may expand to include other pieces from Jennifer Meeker Art that could serve as functional altar supplies and decor. Stay tuned on social media for future updates.

For now, if you want one of these Coven Collection Mugs, grab one, or both, while they are here and go shower some love at Jennifer Meeker Art on her social media accounts!

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