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The Witchy Power of Affirmations

The Witchy Power of Affirmations

How to Effectively Use Affirmations in Your Magickal Practice

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a pep talk. The Law of Attraction and the use of affirmations are utilized in many areas of life to help us be more successful or to boost our confidence. They can also be extremely potent for magic and manifesting our desires. While not traditionally thought of as being a tool for magic, affirmations are a perfect addition to any witch’s magical arsenal.

How Do Affirmations Work

The Law of Attraction is the premise that we draw to use what we put out. Positive thinking will bring us positive results and vice versa. This is also the fundamental principle behind how magic works. What you send out comes back to you.

Affirmations are a simple way to work on drawing things into your life. They act like a chant that you repeat several times over a period of time. There is no real consensus on how many times or how long. It is fairly evident that many people do report positive outcomes from the shift in mindset by using positive affirmations. The more you repeat an affirmation, the more you start to believe it to be true and thus start making the changes that bring the positive things into your life.

How to Make them Effective

There are several key tips and tricks to making an affirmation more effective, whether you are a witch or not. Framing the words you use can help better draw to you what you want.


  1. Write them in present tense, even if it's something you want in the future.
  2. Avoid negatives like “I am not anxious anymore.” Keep it positive and in the affirmative (hence affirmation). Try instead, “I am calm and collected and focused on the present moment.”
  3. Keep it simple. Avoid overly long affirmations that are hard to repeat or memorize.
  4. Customize it to you. Don’t just use stock affirmations because so-and-so said it worked for them. Use it as a starting point but make tweaks that work for you.
  5. Practice daily and at a consistent time. The more frequently you use them the more likely it is to start working for you. Make it part of your routine whether in the morning or evening.
  6. Make it chant-like. If just saying it makes it weird, make it more sing-songy so that it's fun to say and makes it more magical.
  7. Start small. Pick one or two things at first and practice them before adding more.
  8. Write them down. Whether you write it once on a post-it to look at and remind you or you use a notebook to write them over and over again, it can be helpful to write them down for reference.
  9. Repeat them at least 3 times if not more. Some say for 5 minutes at a time. Others say repeat at least 10 times. Three is a pretty magical number so I always recommend that as a starting point.

Affirmation Ideas By Purpose

The following is a short list of some areas where you might find using affirmations to be helpful in your magical practice. Now there are many other ways and samples out there. A little Google search can go a long way in finding the right type of affirmations to use in your practice.


Cleansing the energy of our person and our space is incredibly important as witches. Sometimes we just can’t get all the accouterments out to do a smoke cleansing so using some affirmations as chants can be a relatively easy way to get a quick energetic cleanse when you can’t go all out.

Try any number of these examples with your own spin on them.

  • My energy is cleansed and balanced.
  • My space is free of gunky energy and makes me feel safe.
  • I am energetically aligned and clear of harmful energies and attachments.


Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual healing is needed, you might find some affirmation repetition a good place to start your healing journey.

Lunar Magic and Manifestation

We are often guided by the moon in our magic. Working with affirmations to help us align our goals more clearly with the moon phases is a great way to empower our magic more. Pay attention to the phase the moon is in and shift your affirmation chants according to the waxing and waning phases.

  • I am aligned with the moon and its powerful magical energies.
  • I wax and wane in the phases of my life like the moon.
  • I let go of what no longer serves me.
  • I move toward my goals with ever growing confidence.

Power and Strength

We can all sometimes use a little boost to our magical power and personal strength now and again. Using affirmations like these can help you feel more confident in the magic you possess and your ability to wield your power.

  • I am a strong and powerful witch and my magic is potent.
  • I am aligned with my goals and intentions.
  • I embrace my spiritual and magical powers to manifest my highest goals.


No matter who you are, reaffirming ourselves with self-love affirmations can be very potent magic that will trickle into other areas of our lives. Try some of these in your affirmation practice.

  • I forgive myself for my mistakes and I embrace growth.
  • I embrace my uniqueness and individuality.
  • I honor my body as a sacred temple for magic and treat it with care and respect.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, sometimes affirmations feel a little woo-woo. But we’re witches. Woo-woo magic is in the very definition of who we are. So embrace one of the simplest forms of magic and try rehearsing some positive affirmation chants on a daily basis and see what positive changes start to happen for you.

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