Prehnite (For Alleviating Fears) - Tower

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Metaphysical Properties: alleviates fears, nightmares, and phobias, helps with dreamwork and memory

Prehnite is very special because it helps us to dig deep into what scares us, helps us identify that, and then release it. For that reason, it is especially good for children who suffer from nightmares. Because it helps us go deep, Prehnite can help you dream more and, on top of that, helps you to remember and work with those dreams.

These self-standing towers highlight the fascinating, natural green color of Prehnite and all its unique black inclusions. Some towers even have raw spots or "caves" that were intentionally left there during the polishing process. We love them so much.

Each tower is comparable in size and quality, so we will intuitively choose the one that's correct for you.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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