The Wheel Turns Appreciation Sale Event

Welcome - we want to give back to our customers, as well as Mother Earth, during this appreciation event. We hope, in turn, our little store can enter into its next season, and you, our customer, can take away exactly what you need in this moment.

We will offer rotating discounts over the next few weeks, highlighting different sections of our store as we go.

  • As of Thursday, June 8, please enjoy: 40% OFF all altar supplies! Click here to see all included items. THIS WILL BE OUR FINAL SALE OF THIS EVENT. Thank you so much for your support during this time; it has meant so much!

Use code ALTAR at checkout!

  • For every $20 you spend (before tax), you will receive one free tumbled stone in your package, chosen intuitively at our discretion.
  • To give back to Mother Earth, we will donate a portion of all sale proceeds to, and we will choose locations near and dear to our heart (and home). Be sure to click the link to the organization's website to learn more.