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Black Clearing Salt

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From Enchanted Botanicals:

Black Salt has been used for centuries to clear away negative energy and/or to protect one's home (or self) from inappropriate or nasty spirits. This version is based on a traditional folk magic "recipe," but, of course, I've given it its own special twist.

Here is its suggested use:


2. Place it where you believe it will do the most good - by your front door, on your desk or nightstand, in the corner or center of a room. Try it on your altar to maintain the sacred space.

3. If you absolutely MUST uncork it, use it OUTSIDE to surround your home with a protective barrier. The Black Salt WILL stain carpets and fabrics, and that's just not fun.

Now here's the TWIST: I firmly believe that, when we clear a space of negative energy (whether it's a room or ourselves), we MUST be very intentional about what replaces it. You never want to leave a room, etc. as a blank slate because you DO NOT KNOW what will fly by and fill it! So, I've added the high vibes of pink Himalayan salt and organic roses to take the worry out of your salt clearing! Think of these layers as "place holders" if you're not quite sure of the EXACT intention you'd like to set.

Includes: 15 ounces of power in a pretty, corked bottle.

ABSOLUTELY NOT (not not not) for internal consumption. DO NOT INGEST. Period. End of story.

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