Black Tourmaline Bat Necklace

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The Rose Craft is proud to now carry pieces from YAMS Jewelry!

We believe every season is spooky season! Embrace your inner witch with this Black Tourmaline Bat Necklace. Black Tourmaline is the master stone for protection, so wearing this necklace will provide a shield over your aura. That will prevent other people’s energies from affecting your own. This is the perfect stone for empaths, who are energy sponges. Protect yourself and look super spooky at the same time!

Comes with an 18" chain and a small organza bag for storage.

YAMS (You Are My Sunshine) Jewelry is made here in Indianapolis by Natalie, an Electroformer Artist. She uses ethically sourced, intuitively selected crystals for her intentionally crafted pieces. Electroforming is a process that bonds metals to an object, and no heat is required. Natalie is honestly one of the few people who creates this type of jewelry, and we couldn’t be more excited to carry her creations!

The Rose Craft worked side-by-side with YAMS Jewelry to select these necklaces. We picked the design and the crystal from what was offered. We are very excited to present this small collection, and we intend to carry Natalie’s jewelry going forward!

All the collection’s pieces contain copper, which can have a reaction to people’s skin. Everyone is different, and it all depends on the acidity and oils of your skin.

Please do not expose your jewelry to water for long periods of time. It could cause permanent damage. We advise not showering with the pieces on to preserve the quality of your piece for a longer period of time.

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