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Blend No. 2 Resin Incense - Pine, Sweet Myrrh, White Copal

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From Enchanted Botanicals:

A cartouche (pronounced car-toosh) was an ancient Egyptian symbol used to protect the soul of the pharaoh from evil spirits in the afterlife. Today, a cartouche is a symbol or amulet that keeps negative energy away and brings good luck. Blend No. 2 can be your personal cartouche. It has:

Sweet Myrrh for protection

White Copal to transmute negative energy

Pine Resin to clear and cleanse a space

Alchemical magic in a pretty little 2 oz. vial, that can be reused!

For "entertainment" purposes only. Never use this product as a substitute for sound medical advice. DO NOT INGEST. And NEVER EVER leave lit incense unattended!

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