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Pyramid - Ocean Jasper (For Renewal)

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Metaphysical Properties: renewal, stillness, purification, quiet strength, unrealized potential

As you can tell from its name, Ocean Jasper is a type of, well, Jasper. It comes in an array of stunning colors, from pinks to greens to reds and yellows. Because it instills the energy of the ocean, this crystal is amazing for renew, rebirth, and regeneration. Its watery vibes are strong, yet flowing. Because it is a Jasper, it can ground you and provide strength.

Pyramids are the best shape for covering the most space, energetically. If you want to feel the energy of Ocean Jasper whenever you are in a certain room, then place this gorgeous pyramid in it. It features deep, dark, stunning greens and reds. Its sides measure 3 inches, and it is 3 inches tall.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.