Cassiterite (For Rebirth) - Point

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Metaphysical Properties: manifestation & destruction, birth & death, initiation, navigating the liminal threshold

Cassiterite is a mineral that represents endings, beginnings, and the exciting life in-between. It works with the lower three chakras, meaning it creates healthier physical, creative, and sexual energies, as well as strengthens your energy. On a spiritual & emotional level, it can help you overcome fears, especially the fear of endings (like death). If you work with deities like Shiva or Kali, Cassiterite is great for your rituals and understandings.

Since Cassiterite is more premium and rare in the mineral world, specimens usually feature tiny amounts of it. Our piece here features the mineral growing on a Quartz point. Small but very powerful.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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