Crystal Roller Bottle for Oils

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Seamlessly infuse your oils and oil blends with crystal energies by using these roller bottles. Each bottle is chock full of tiny tumbled stones. The roller balls are also made completely out of crystals, so you can enjoy the feel of their smooth surfaces on your skin.

Crystal energies:

Amethyst: breaking bad habits, overall well-being, spirituality, intuition, protection

Black Tourmalineprotection, grounding

Clear Quartz: cleansing, amplifying other energies

Lapis Lazuli: intuition, psychic abilities, inner vision, truthful communication

Red Jasper: physical health, vitality, grounding, balance

Rose Quartz: love, nurturing, protection

Sodalite: intuition, insight, enhanced mental performance

Tiger Eye: power, drive, creativity, passion, grounding

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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