Fluorite (For Focus) - Massive Tower

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Metaphysical Properties: mental enhancement & clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy fields

Fluorite knows its job - it creates order out of chaos and works with your mental energy. Need to make a decision? Study? Focus? Fluorite does it all. It also does a great job with cleansing the spaces around it.

Love Fluorite? This massive tower is for anyone who says, "I gotta have this energy!" The greens and purples of this specimen are so vibrant and deep. It weighs almost eight pounds and stands a whopping 12.5 inches tall! (Photo shows it on its side because it was too big for our light box.) It can stand on its own, but it needs a sturdy surface. This tower's own surface features shimmery, shiny rainbows all over! We cannot stress the incredible beauty of this specimen more.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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