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Lava Stone - Bracelet

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These natural gemstone beaded bracelets are a great way to wear your crystals and bring their energy with you while dressing up your outfit with bits of color and magic.

Each bracelet is made of natural crystals, unless otherwise noted, and strung on elastic cords. Size does vary slightly, but will fit most wrists.

*Note: This listing is for a Lava Stone beaded bracelet. Other bracelets, crystals, or accessories shown in the images are sold separately.

Lava Stone is a very porous stone, allowing it to hold essential oils well and serve as an aromatherapy bracelet. If you wish to use essential oils with your Lava Stone bracelet, use only a drop or two on one or two beads at a time as a little goes a long way. Wait for it to dry and fully absorb before wearing to avoid skin irritation from the oil or damage to clothing.

Metaphysical Properties of Lava Stone: Courage, Grounding, Strengthening, Connecting to the Earth