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Malachite (For Change) - Tower

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Metaphysical Properties: change, transformation, revealing and healing emotional pain

Malachite has been known as the "stone of transformation" in the crystal community for a long time. If you're looking for a crystal that will help you with true and deep Heart Chakra work, we really like Malachite. Take heed - you will need to be ready for change, because it will happen. Malachite will open your heart and reveal the emotions and wounds that need to be confronted and healed. At the same time, it will slowly bring about change around you, the change you've wanted and probably needed for some time.

Malachite is a soft mineral, so it's not often we see it polished into a standing tower. These pieces show off the beautiful, natural patterns of Malachite and even feature little druzy caves in places. We do not recommend you carry these towers around for risk of dropping (they may not survive). Keep them safe on or around your altar and hold whenever you need them. Please do not place Malachite in your mouth as it contains copper.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.