Mini Goddess Body - Labradorite (For Magic)

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Need a little Goddess or feminine energy in your life? Maybe a mini goddess form will help you connect to that energy more clearly.

These standing curvaceous Goddess bodies are made from natural Labradorite and carved showing off some voluptuous feminine forms. These ladies can help enhance your magical intention by connecting to Goddess and feminine energies, fertility, sexuality, etc. Their gentle curves are subtler than the masculine energy of phallic symbols, but are no less potent.

No other stone can truly encompass the word "magic" like Labradorite, with its beautiful flashes and murky depths. If you're looking to increase your intuition, psychic abilities, or are looking to just increase the synchronicities in your life, this magical crystal is for you! Can also help bring protection to the carrier/wearer.

Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite: magic, protection

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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