Notes from An Enchanted Garden by Deb Schaffer

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Fun side-note: this is for a signed copy of the book!

From Enchanted Botanicals:

Welcome to The Enchanted Garden.

Written as an interactive field notebook, Notes from an Enchanted Garden offers you a way to meet 28 plants in a whole new way. Each chapter reveals details that you may not know (yet), including traditional and magical use.

Different authors often "assign" different characteristics to the same plant. So, how do you know which is correct? The answer is this: learn to use your own "filter" when communicating with the plant world. Listen to the energetic, spiritual, and magical whispers of each plant... what does she say to you?

Each chapter has a drawing of the plant and space to journal or scrapbook. Color inside or outside the lines. Collect, take notes, get creative. And make your own plant magic!

Photos by: Enchanted Botanicals

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