Pink Amethyst (For Graceful Understanding) - Tower

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Metaphysical Properties: understanding, calmness, trust, and grace

Pink Amethyst is sort of new on the crystal scene because it isn't often you find the soft pink color of the Amethyst Quartz among the purple. The whole feel of this crystal is just cozy, calming, and, again, soft. Pink is the color of love, so, when it mixes with Amethyst, the stone of intuition and wisdom, you add a gracefulness to connection and understanding. It helps you trust the bigger picture and brings a general sense of the calm that comes with that.

This tower shows off the beautiful colors of this rarer type of Amethyst, meaning you'll find nice patches of purple among the pink. It does stand, and believe us when we say you'll love how much this piece sparkles! This is the only piece of Pink Amethyst we currently have for sale.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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