Pocket of Vines Tarot • SECOND PRINTING • Art Deck

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From local Indianapolis tattoo artist Nevada Buckley comes the Pocket of Vines Tarot. This listing is for a deck from the second printing of the First Edition!

Nevada's stunning artwork takes on the world of the major and minor arcana, featuring beautiful figures, objects, plants, and magical trinkets. One senses a deep connection to the earth and elements in this deck. It holds a lovely soul of its own and can really speak to the reader on an emotional and spiritual level.

Features 78 Tarot cards, as well as a reference card for the suits, etc. and a card with a one-of-a-kind ritual for connecting with your deck.

A link to a virtual, more in-depth guidebook will be sent upon purchase, so please include your email address!

Photos by: Nevada Buckley

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