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Pyrite on Quartz (For Manifestation) - Cluster

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Metaphysical Properties: manifestation, action, confidence, willpower, ambition, prosperity

If you're looking for a crystal to whip you into shape and get you into action - Pyrite is it! It immediately bestows energy and willpower, helping to give you that "can do" attitude. It helps remove anxieties and bad habits out of your way. It increases mental focus so you can get your work done! What does this often lead to? Prosperity! On top of all of this, the pyrite in this piece are snuggled into natural Quartz, the master generator. That means the properties of the Pyrite will be magnified!

This natural cluster represents just how cool nature is. It shows off how Pyrite and Quartz naturally grow within the Earth and with each other. This is a high quality specimen. 

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.