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Rose Petal Resin Athame with Antler Handle

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The Rose Craft and OddifyIndy present these exclusive athames in a glorious collaboration.

Athames are tools traditionally used in pagan and witchcraft practices to cast, cut, seal, and direct energy. In our coven, we use athames to cast our protective circles, as well as cut energetic cords which no longer serve us. We wanted to work with another local maker to produce an exclusive athame for our customers, and we went with resin because it offers safety and variety in design.

We are so happy to have worked with OddifyIndy to bring you two options for your new athame! Each size offers a beautiful blade with real dried rose bud petals inside, as well as a little acrylic rose atop the handle. The handles are made from naturally shed and collected white tailed deer antlers.

The large athame features a resin ombre from deep black to clear, with real rose petals and fine holographic swirls. The small athame features the rose petals throughout, as well as a beautiful, dark print of the moon cycle. Both sizes offer just the right amount of a glittery touch.

We are absolutely in love with our exclusive line of athames, and we believe they will make the perfect addition to any practitioner's toolkit.


Please note: We only have a limited amount available of this exclusive product. Once they are gone, they are gone. As with all handmade products, each athame will have slight variations. The ones in the photos are just examples; it is not guaranteed you will receive those particular ones.

The small athames will come with a small black bag for storage.

For upkeep: Just use a dry or damp towel to wipe down your athame, but please avoid submerging in water for extended periods. You should also avoid placing your athame in direct sunlight for several hours, as the resin can become flexible and warp.

OddifyIndy is an Indianapolis maker, nonprofit worker, choir nerd, and feminist. They love all things natural and wooden, but also love the sparkly, black and outlandishly glittery.