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Rhodonite (For Discovering True Talents) - Freeform

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Metaphysical Properties: compassion, love, discovering hidden talents, clearing emotional wounds

Rhodonite is a crystal that's hard to miss, with its naturally contrasting colors of pink and black together! If you're attracted to this stone, it may be because you're not only in need of clearing out old emotional energies, but also because you feel you're meant to do something special... and you just haven't figured it out yet. Rhodonite will help you get there!

This stunning freeform is unique because it has more of the dark reddish-pink color of Rhodonite and less of the bright pink/black patterning. Some find this to be a higher quality version of the mineral! This freeform stands pretty and would be wonderful for any small shelf or altar.

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.