Spellbound Bath Elixir

Spellbound Bath Elixir

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From Enchanted Botanicals:

The definition of “spellbound” is to “hold the complete attention of someone as if by magic.” That sums up how you might feel sinking into a bath filled with this pretty blend. Soothing, softening, comforting, & relaxing.

And as with all Enchanted Botanicals products, you know the practical always has a spiritual side. Each of the flowers and herbs was chosen for its ability to invoke that feeling of otherworldliness we seek in a bath. Whether for relaxation or ritual, this blend will help you feel just a bit more magical. And who doesn’t love a good fairy tale?

Includes: an 8 oz. French milk jar that also comes with a bamboo spoon and reusable gossamer bag! Just fill the bag (or use your own tea diffuser) and let it float in your warm bath water (no need for clean-up after all your relaxing business is done).

Organic Ingredients:
Pink Himalayan salt (ground and nuggets)
Coconut milk powder
Rose petals
Chamomile flowers
Calendula petals
Jasmine flowers
Lemon balm leaves
Lavender buds
Essential oils

For external use only. DO NOT INGEST.

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Photo by: Enchanted Botanicals

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