Sunstone/Moonstone (For Light/Dark Work) - Sphere

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Metaphysical Properties: working with the light and dark, finding balance, Sun energy (power, passion, masculinity), Moon energy (emotions, psychic energy, femininity)

We totally freaked out when we discovered these spheres. As you may or may not know, practicing within a Pagan path is often about BALANCE, and we often represent that by working with both the SUN and the MOON. And what better crystal to do that with than MOONSTONE and SUNSTONE together?!

Are these natural? YES. Moonstone and Sunstone are both types of the Feldspar mineral. Both have that essential Feldspar flash when you move it around in the light. Not only do they represent the big celestial bodies in the sky, they also represent working with the light and dark within all of us. It's all about balance, as nature shows us.

Each sphere comes with a sphere holder, so it's ready to display!

*Disclaimer – Crystals are not a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric help.

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