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Triple Goddess Plaque

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Let us just start by saying the detail on this wall plaque is insane. Also, this piece of art is heavy, weighing 5.5 pounds, so please keep that in mind! Yes, you can place it on a wall, but please, please, please make sure you use sturdy equipment and tools to place it there.

This plaque is made of cold-cast resin, and its dimensions are 11" X 1.5" X 14.5". It is covered in symbology and designs - from Celtic weaves to the moon phases to animals and more. Front and center is the Triple Goddess (mother, maiden, and crone) which represents the feminine in the three main phases of life.

You cannot go wrong with this plaque on your altar or in your space. It honors the Divine Feminine in such a stunning manner. Please hover over second, third, and fourth photos for better details!